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All music used in our website is mixed with subliminal words and we hold license rights from the composers to distribute their music mixed with our product.

You can not download our MP3s directly to a phone- or tablet- because you need a powerful connection and you need space. All of our MP3s are large files – we use a very low compression to preserve the subliminal recording. You can burn your MP3s on a CD. Please download and save each Mp3 in to your computer- the link you will receive is not for listening but for downloading.

Download Music
Achievement Attitude MP3 Music $10.99
Addictive Personality – General MP3 (Music) $10.99
Anger Management MP3(Music) $10.99
Arthritis Relief Mp3 Music $10.99
Athletic Performance Enhancement MP3 Music $10.99
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (Adhd) Mp3 Music $10.99
Attract Men Music Subliminal MP3 $10.99
Attract Positive People Mp3 Music $10.99
Attract Women Music Mp3 $10.99
Attracting Your Soul-Mate MP3 (Music) $10.99
Aura Viewing MP3 (Music) $10.99
Be Sexy and Feel Confident MP3 (Music) $8.99
Beat the Gambling Addiction MP3 (Music) $8.99
Become Faithful Person Music MP3 $8.99
Become a Good Salesperson Mp3 Music $8.99
Become a Successful Entrepreneur Music MP3 $10.99
Better Driving Stop Speeding MP3 Music $8.99
Better Parent/Parents-Improve your Parenting Skills Music Mp3 $8.99
Boost Your Self Confidence Music MP3 $8.99
Bowling- Improve your Bowling Performance MP3 Music $10.99
Career Advancement MP3 (Music) $8.99
Control Your Obsession Music $8.99
Creative Visualization MP3 (Music) $8.99
Dating Confidence Subliminal Music Mp3 download $8.99
Dealing With Physical Pain MP3 Music $10.99
Determination Perseverance Subliminal Music Mp3 download $10.99
Develop Clairvoyance Mp3 Music $10.99
Develop Creativity Mp3 Music $8.99
Develop Music Skills Subliminal Music Mp3 $10.99
Develop Precognition MP3 Music $8.99
Develop Telepathy Skills / Mind Reading MP3 Music $10.99
Dream Vivid Colors Mp3 Music $10.99
Eat Small Portions Diet Keeping Music MP3 $8.99
Effective Leadership Development MP3 II (Music) $8.99
End Anxiety Music MP3 $8.99
End Emotional Eating Mp3 Music $10.99
End Headaches- Stop Migraines Mp3 Music $8.99
End Negative Emotion MP3 Music $8.99
End Shame Blame Music Mp3 $10.99
End Trust Issue Dealing with Mistrust Music MP3 $8.99
Energy Booster Music MP3 $8.99
Enjoy House work, House Cleaning Music MP3 $8.99
Family Harmony Music MP3 $10.99
Fear of Public Speaking Music Mp3 $8.99
Financial Abundance MP3 Music $10.99
Forgiveness: Forgive Yourself & Others Music Mp3 $8.99
Get out of Debt Now Learning To Save Money MP3 (Music) $8.99
Get Rid Of Depression Music MP3 $8.99
Getting Over a Relationship MP3 Music $8.99
Good Behavior / Respect Your Parents Music MP3 $8.99
Improve Your Memory Music MP3 $8.99
Improve Your Study Habits Music MP3 $10.99
Increase Your Attention Span $10.99
Influence Friends and Co-Workers MP3 Music $8.99
Irresistible Charm / Personal Magnetism Music MP3 $10.99
Learn to Love Again Music MP3 $10.99
Learn Spanish Music Subliminal MP3 $10.99
Love your Husband. Music MP3 $8.99
Lucid Dreaming MP3 Music $10.99
Make Friends / Meet People More Easily Music Subliminal Mp3 $10.99
Marketing Sale Success Music MP3 $8.99
Meditation & Relaxation MP3 Music $10.99
Millionaire Mind Program Music Mp3 $8.99
Mind Power Seduction- Law of Attraction Music MP3 $10.99
Minimize Relapse Potential Music $8.99
Motivation- End Procrastination - Music Mp3 $10.99
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Music Subliminal MP3 $8.99
Overcome Fear of Accidents MP3 Music $10.99
Overcome Fear of Dentists and Dentistry Procedures MP3 Music $8.99
Overcome Insomnia, Get a Good Night’s Sleep MP3 Music $10.99
Overcome Shyness Music Mp3 (Zip File) $10.99
Overcoming Fear of Heights Music MP3 $10.99
Overcoming Fear of Taking Exams/Fear of Failure MP3 Music $10.99
Overcoming Fears of Needles, Surgery and Doctors Mp3 Music $8.99
Overcoming Food Addictions MP3 Music $8.99
Positive Thinking Mp3 Music $8.99
Overcoming Irrational Fears – Music MP3 $10.99
Psychic Development Music MP3 $10.99
Recovering from Surgery Mp3 (music) $10.99
Recovery After a Divorce or Breakup Mp3 Music $8.99
Regain Your Joy and Happiness $8.99
Remote Viewing MP3 Music $10.99
Stop Bulimia / Stop Binging and Purging MP3 Music $8.99
Stop Drinking Alcohol Music MP3 $8.99
Stop Panic Attacks Music MP3 $8.99
Stop Smoking Minimize Relapse Potential MP3 Music $10.99
Stress Relief Music Mp3 $8.99
Success and Prosperity MP3 (Music) $8.99
Telepathic Psychic Protection MP3 Music $8.99
Weight Loss Mp3 Music (Lose Weight) $8.99

Sprudio Subliminal.mp3 Subliminal Messages Music- subliminal download:30-40 minutes. Test your ability to play our MP3 subliminal downloads. To test to see if your computer is able to play MP3 files simply click Here .Please verify your junk mail after purchase, also verify the e-mail you provided for receiving the downloads is correct. If we can not contact you, we can not send the mp3 files also. These MP3 files are between 30 and 60 minutes they are large file between 30 MB- and over 135MB
Dial Up is not recommended. You can record your Mp3s - Create Audio Cds
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