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Best Music Subliminal Recordings anywhere on the market, and is real subliminal not placebo.

You do not need to enter in deep trance, now or ever, in order to achieve success with our subliminal

All music used in our web site is mixed with subliminal words and we hold license rights from the composers to distribute their music mixed with our product.

You can not download our MP3s directly to a phone- or tablet- because you need a powerful connection and you need space. All of our MP3s are large files – we use a very low compression to preserve the subliminal recording. You can burn your MP3s on a CD. Please download and save each Mp3 in to your computer- the link you will receive is not for listening but for downloading.

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Unlike other vendors we bring you beautiful relaxing music mixed with our powerful subliminal. All the music was selected by us – as our personal taste. It is relaxing and high quality. Some music tracks are beyond this realm in beauty and depth, bringing you to a relaxing state, and giving your body a well deserved relaxation time. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you with the BEST SELF HELP on the market.

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Sprudio Subliminal.mp3 Subliminal Messages Music- subliminal download:30-40 minutes. Test your ability to play our MP3 subliminal downloads. To test to see if your computer is able to play MP3 files simply click Here .Please verify your junk mail after purchase, also verify the e-mail you provided for receiving the downloads is correct. If we can not contact you, we can not send the mp3 files also. These MP3 files are between 30 and 60 minutes they are large file between 30 MB- and over 135MB
Dial Up is not recommended. You can record your Mp3s - Create Audio Cds

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