How to use subliminal audio

First we want to assure you that subliminal audio recordings are not dangerous and they will not make you do things against your will; for these changes can take place only if a person wishes to positively change.

Subliminal recordings are basic to utilize

1-Adjust the volume to a comfortable level. We recommend low to medium volume.

2-Ocean waves (nature sounds) have the effect of white noise – this mean you can get relaxed or drowsy, and need to sleep.

3-Do not drive or operate machinery while playing the tracks with nature sound.

4-Silent track can be used anytime at a normal audio level.

How long do I need to use subliminal?

Subliminal audio is designed to transform old, unwanted habits or thinking patterns that are stubbornly stuck in the subconscious. Results may typically begin to show after about 3 days (for very receptive people under very good conditions) to 2 weeks, depending on how many hours of use per day. 

Because subliminal audio is not a quick fix , the change must first be accepted by the subconscious mind before new habits can take place, and the process of acting upon it may take several weeks or months to show results, depending on what is being done and for how long you had the unwanted behavior.

Some subliminal programs are designed for very long term use.  An example would be Millionaire Mind Program, which is designed to be used until you achieve the goal of becoming a millionaire, which may be two, three or four years, or more. 
Our entire line of subliminal recordings are designed to be used until the results are achieved and should be used every day for at least one hour per day. Be stubborn and insist on your chosen changes to become successful! Subliminal recordings can surely be a tool to help you accomplish your behavior, thinking and habit related goals.

How much time per day should I use it?


Subliminal is subjective. Play as much as you want. Word of the mouth has been that subliminal programs should be used for a minimum of one hour per day for a minimum of 30 days and do not play more then 3 times in one day in order to not overload the subconscious. Overload will often result in a person refusing to accept the positive reinforcement.

Can I do other things while the subliminal plays?

Yes! Our subliminal programs are designed to be as useful as they are practical. This means that you can do other things while you play subliminal audio.

About overload, using subliminal recordings too much

Playing subliminal audio too much can result in rejecting your affirmations and creating a way to not even listen to them. See previous section. Imagine yourself being a man that is nagged by his wife night and day. Your subconscious can easily get the notion that it is being tricked.

So if you are planning on overriding your inner belief system, strong habits or a stubborn behavior, start slowly and never give up. Repetition will help, in the long run, but try to avoid too much, too quickly.


Do I need headphones?

No, our stereo recordings do not require headphones; but two quality speakers are much better than one speaker, and good headphones can be more effective in many conditions.

You say the silent is supposed to be soundless, but I hear a high pitched whine/static?

A substantial pitched generally signifies subsequent issues:

1- You are playing the file or CD too loudly (the volume is too high).
2- You have exceptional hearing.
3- You are not used to subliminal audio.
4- The equipment used is old.
5- You are under 27 years old. Young men and women possess an excellent hearing.

Solution: Try lowering the volume to a reasonable level.
If you are hearing static this is a definite indicator that either the player or the speaker/headphones cannot handle ultrasonic.
This occurs on non-standard gear occasionally.
Check the volume. Adjust your volume using an audible .mp3 (your own music). When you consider the sound is at normal level play the subliminal.

How many of these subliminal programs can I use at once?

The rules are not set in stone are just a guidance.

1- Never use more than three applications at the same time. Some of our clients do, but it's not recommended.
2- Use the programs when you can, but at different points in the day to give your brain a rest.
Example, at 10 am use one program, at 12 pm another program.
3- The fewer the programs you use at once, the faster each will take hold. That's the conventional wisdom, for what it's worth.

Can I play subliminal while I am sleeping?

Yes you can if you would like- it works while you sleep, read or watch TV, but don't forget to turn it off - your brain needs sleep too.

When I play the CD with iTunes I get different information than what the CD is labeled.

Tracks are mislabeled by Gracenote (a database (formerly CDDB) ) that uses length to label unknown tracks made by non major producers. It is not an error with the CD. Gracenote is updated by people and is an unverified source. Do not get scared when you find that the tracks you ripped from a CD have a different name. Our subliminal tracks are recorded as promised using the affirmations listed on our website or on the CD cover. When you open iTunes you can also send info about your .mp3's to the Gracenote database, or you can label it in your iTunes program however you want. Sprudio pledges that you are getting exactly what is promised with no advertising or brainwashing.

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