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All our testimonials are genuine and weren’t influenced by gifts or promotions. We are not giving free products or promotions for testimonials. We are not posting feedback without the sender knowledge. All our feedback is genuine and represents the experience of our customer.
This doesn’t imply that the same product will work for you too. Please remember the modern medicine can not cure almost any ailment, all they are doing is manage the symptoms. Do not expect that subliminal will be a magic cure. It always depends on the individual, how willing each person is to change or how serious they take the changes.

We received a request to create this page for your benefit and ours. Below is a copy of the feedback that made this page possible.

"Hi guys, I have used many subliminal cds to great success. I like the look of your site and your titles and your price for a custom cd is excellent compared to many sites that charge outrageous prices and take advantage of people. It is nice to see you don't do that!! My suggestion is that you might want to consider using testimonials for potential customers to view-I think they really help in the decision of which product to buy.Anyways, I will be purchasing from you in the near future. Thank You, Anthony Giaimo"

We are not posting all of the great feedback you keep sending us, not very often anyway. We’re busy improving the download process, creating new titles and filling orders! Thanks again to all, and remember we are here pulling for your success. Reminder, if you have a feedback comment that you’d like posted, send a note here and we can publish your remarks.
Note: We will never post your feedback without your consent.

If you want to comment directly there please feel free to do so in facebook. The customers that gave us feedback almost all of them are in facebook too.Please also send us an e-mail with your feedback as our customer did.


Real Feedback/Subliminal Reviews /Real Customers

Dear Customer Service: Happy New Year and thank you for my previous order! I want to give feedback for a program you have (that I bought) on Overcoming Irrational Fears, (which is exceptionally good) also I am having amazing success with “Effective Leadership” program, both Silent and with Music. That is a very powerful program for me. Richard. January 2018

Dear Sprudio and Elena let me add my review to others and tell you that your new subliminal "Limitless" has been greatly improving and expanding my life everyday since I first used it, so thanks again you are appreciated. R.

Hello Elena, I recently purchased a custom recording from you with my own voice in a silent background. I played it at night on a pair of tweeters (low volume) next to my night table at night. I have to tell you that it cured a problem that I was having for several years whereby I had tried everything with no results. The results are wonderful, better than I would ever have imagined. I will be making other custom recording. Thank you, Sam

I have been using Subliminal for years. Yours are the first and only ones that I can see and feel amazing changes with. If you ever need someone to test your products or promote you more please let me know. So thankful to have found you! David Hagen - US

I listened too anger managment all night and the next day I became so relaxed, happy, patience, self confidence and all my anger was gone :) This audio works fast . I'm so happy that it really worked. Thank you Sprudio :) put it on your page if you like :) Øystein Engø -Norway

Hi dear friends ❤
Perhaps you rembember Signe, my daughter, and I. We have used subliminals from you now for several years and it is time for a new one. The effect has been amazing. From being bedridden for four years I am studying and writing full time and can move freely even though I am still in severe pain. I am SO grateful and I KNOW that a part of it is because of subliminal messages. I listen to my recordings throughout the night, EVERY night.

Thank you so much for your work. We both send you many greetings here from a beautiful summer's day in Denmark
Shekhina Weaver

An Unsolicited Sprudio Review 14 March 2017
It is my pleasure to write a review of Sprudio products and my years of experience with them. In fact, Sprudio is part of my unique arsenal for recovery.
Of course, their products do not replace sound professional medical advice or substitute for therapeutic support but I do include Sprudio products to reinforce a positive approach to whatever life sends my way and these days a great deal is happening on personal, family, national and world levels. Sprudio products help me to quiet my mind, be centered, and get into right alignment with the person I am becoming and my higher self.
Sprudio products help me to focus on my inner strength and expect my good from expected and unexpected sources!

I have tried a few other products from several different companies but I have found my "social experiments" on myself with various Sprudio products help augment my long-term recovery in phenomenal ways.
Time is a valuable commodity; I am not wasting my efforts by using Sprudio products.
I wrote the two product ideas "Overcoming Writer's Block" and "Vision Board Power" as my hearty thank you to Sprudio.
I hope it will benefit you and many, many others.

I know the company recommends listening to subliminals for a limited time only each day. But I have found keeping a few boomboxes on a loop in my home has helped me considerably. I'll play different CDs or MP3s in multiple rooms for several hours and change discs every so often when I become "saturated" with a particular message but I use Sprudio everyday as part of my rehabilitation.
The music is beautifully soothing and the water backgrounds are wonderful assets to keeping me (and sometimes guests too) relaxed. My home is a peaceful haven and that's just what I desire. I do periodic check-ins to see if I need to work in depth on a topic, try something new, or create a custom subliminal.
Some subliminals that I've purchased elsewhere have absolutely no effect on me except maybe annoyance.
But your company seems genuine. I like your personal touch too, Elena. You are good for the business with immediate responses to queries and a friendly, inquisitive approach!

I think what I like the most about Sprudio products is that I do not have to use headphones while listening. In the beginning, I had my doubts about the silent subliminals but they are quite effective, perhaps more effective because I tend to forget they are playing!
Keep up your important work. I'm an ardent fan of Sprudio!
Thanks again for being there.
Dr. Simona Hill, Ph D. Sociologist, Education Consultant, and Spiritual Doula

We got a feedback in video format. One of our customer used our products for 10 years and here is his testimonial. We did not request this video- was offered to us without incentive.

Our name is pronounced like this: SPRUDIO



Law of Unintended Consequences. Hi Elena
Stuff we haven't touched for 15 years clutters our home because my wife is a pack-rat.  So I played your STOP HOARDING (silent) while we slept. After just 4 days, she suddenly decides to get rid of a bunch of that stuff, and guess who gets drafted into hauling it to the dumpster?  That's right.  Me!  Why didn't I see this coming?  

Anyway, your CD worked, and very quickly.Jack, Las Vegas.

Hello Team Sprudio.I am baffled and amazed beyond belief. I used to buy subliminal from a very reputable company and I really like their products until one day I stumbled on your website. I purchased few subliminal CD- (which by the way are super quality) and I started playing each of the CDs -skeptically. It is hard to trust a different vendor, but your variety of products made me try few subliminal. Let me tell you something YOU ARE THE BEST!. I am a veteran using subliminal but your subliminal is AMAZING. I ordered Attract Your Soul Mate and I might have to run and hide because I can't escape of girls. I also ordered Be sexy feel confident and what do you think? I am now interviewing for a commercial. If I am getting this commercial I will be forever thinking that was because you. I will promote your business to all my friends. You have great stuff. Hope you will be here forever to help other people too. Phillip H New York.

I have another feedback for you that you may use. You remember the custom album for getting my ex back, well, I am back together with him and moved back now in august. Things are not perfect, but I am happy. I might have gotten him back sooner if I had listened more, but I had faith with this album that it would work. You're allowed to use full name if you decide to use the feedback. Regards Marita Werkland

I am a returning customers for 10 years now- and I never had the courage to give a testimonial for a product I purchased even if they benefited me or were detrimental to me. I feel now that is time to offer to you my testimonial which is a small price to pay for your great product. I invested a lot of money in other worthless subliminal and hypnosis and even used Louise Hay Positive Affirmations- didn't work because it didn't alter thesubcosncious mind-but your product made me again a whole person. I was broken- I was afraid of the world, I was shy, I was insecure. Just by writing this testimonial is proven that I am somehow fixed, because I have courage to speak my mind. I purchased so many subliminal products from you that I can't even mention all of them for this testimonial. All I can say is that I am a new person and your products helped me tremendously. You should be blessed for your kindness too, if wasn't for giving me free subliminal to try I might have passed your website and went for one with empty promises and lies. Thank you. Thank You, Thank You.

I can remember driving by an architectural firm, and always desiring to work at that particular firm because its location and overall atmosphere within the firm. So I began listening to your 'dream job,' the next day I saw this firm had an opening. I applied for the job, two days later I was called in for an interview. Well. I got the job and an offer for a another job at a different location, but I decided to go with that initial job mentioned. I could write a book about your outstanding subliminal messages that 'rock' Anonymous

Dear Sprudio About one year ago I purchased few of your subliminal downloads with very low hope that I will be having any success. It was in a spur of the moment. I downloaded them played once and forget about them. Two months ago my life took a turn for the worst- from no where I started having panic attacks, anxiety, hot flashes, and nightmares, fears of dying- dark thoughts the whole enchilada. While I searched the almighty internet how to deal with my situation – some people talked about subliminal in case you can’t meditate by yourself. One of my subliminal was End Anxiety and the other was Meditation and Relaxation. I started listen to those two Mp3s religiously and in 2 weeks I was a new person. I don’t know if I am healed, but I know that I am again sleeping well, my hot flashes went away- I have no fears from nowhere, and I am back at my old self. Since credit should be due where it is due- I am sending to you this testimonial. Shirley Starr Arizona

Hi. I bought 7 of your albums yesterday, and before that many more including Lucky Personality Music Subliminal MP3 album. I listened to that and the attract money and wealth album. If this is coincidence or not I don't not but I get 4x more back on my taxes than expected. How happy am I with getting all that money back or what?? Thank you very much for your albums. Your albums also have a mentally relaxing effect so my mind can get a break from my mind shooting out thoughts like it's trying to kill the enemy silence and peace. So double thank you for that :-)
You will be allowed to use full name on my feedback
Regards Marita Werkland from Norway

I recently bought the entrepreneur MP3 for my husband. We 'listen' to it every evening while brainstorming ideas about how to grow our little business. And it's really helping! We've made more progress and been more motivated in the last few days than we have in months. (Please feel free to share that on your website. The other one that is helping is the Stop Drinking. I deliberately didn't read the script so that I don't resist the changes. I've just not enjoyed my wine as much and I can't work out why :-) Kind Regards, Kim (UK)

Elena & Dave, just want to say thanks again, for the incredible custom CD you made for me, it was top notch, feeling the results of youthing already, and I love the added music track you chose, as well as my choice "Lake of Dreams", fab music, I was reading the creator of another subliminal company who says that subliminal messages don't work while you sleep, because the brain's hearing shuts down, I find that hard to believe, surely the subconscious still hears the messages, what is your take? I play your ones while I sleep and have had dreams relating to the subject. Your company is top in all ways to me, customer service, latest technology, your FAQ page. etc. will sure be ordering more products in the future. Elena please by all means, use my feedback on your website, I would love it that more people will read my positive review, than just you and Dave, and you can use my full name as I always think it makes a review more genuine, for those who question the veracity of testimonials. James Frampton Perth, Australia

My testimonial as I was so busy since I arrived in Korea: - I ordered a custom mp3 to hope to go to Korea on the 15th November 2014 for my postgraduate studies which was impossible for many reasons, but after listening almost daily from date of purchase on 7th August 2014 with high intentions, I was able miraculously accepted to go on 23rd February 2015 to Korea and achieve my dreams, thanks so much Sprudio

I'm a loyal Sprudio customer for years. Just want to say thank you again for all the help you've given me. Thanks to your subliminals, I have increased my income 10 times since I started listening and have found my soulmate and we have set a date for our wedding. :)

Anyway, I have decided to replace my Financial Abundance subliminal with this one for Internet marketing success. I am planning to transition from my high-paying job that I believe found me thanks to your subliminal to owning my own successful business. Nicole A (Philippines)

I have really been enjoying the CD for the tardiness(Wake up early and in time). It is very calming and truly be leave that it has been helping me tremendously over the past few weeks. I look forward to your response.
Angela D

I want to thank you for your perfect subliminal you made for me. I was at the wit’s end with my family but your custom subliminal helped me cope with everything the life was throwing at me.
I could not even dream or even believe that subliminal can make such a difference in my life. First I got the power to end dependence on others, and then I got the power to listen and understand why my family is demanding me what they were demanding. And third I am serene, I am confident; I am in tune with myself and the universe. If there will be a way to thank you more than with words I will do it in a heart beat however I am not yet in that position. The future is brighter than a year ago. Your truly grateful Soňa Cernik .

I have been using your "Telepathic Psychic Protection" cd for a week now and I love it. I have paired it with a concentration cd and I have seen some results with it as I get better with it I will be back for more of your programs. Bill

Hi, I just want to thank you because your product is really amazing, I've suffered from anxiety all my life and finally I went to see a therapist. The therapist told me that if I confronted my fears they will loose their power, this sounded solid enough so I tried and I ended up with actual convulsions from the excessive fear, of course I dropped her. Then I saw a documentary about fears and the person who got the best result were the one who used subliminals so I thought I give it a try and I couldn't be happier. I can sleep without any sleeping drugs and I am calm and happy. Thank you! Valentina V. Mexico 2015

Hello Elena, İf you remember I bought mp3 about loss weight some times ago. I was 56.6 Kgand now I’m 49.2 Kgit’s succesful story for me:-)  Thank you for everything Best regards and wishesss:-) Nurdan

I want to let you know your CDs are phenomenal I have thousands of dollars worth of tapes I have used over several years, yes they have helped me in my business and personal life, however your CDs I am finding much more effective. I would absolutely recommend ( telepathic psychic protection) ( millionaire mind program) both of these CDs are awesome "" and guess what they WORK""" I TOLD MY WIFE I HAVE NOT FELT THIS GOOD IN THE LAST 40 YEARS.. THANK YOU. You may also post my review if you would like to you have my consent. I am very happy with my CDs ( NEVER FELT BETTER) . JOHN CHIARAVALLE.

Read the book, then Buy this CD Mind Power Seduction (Law of Attraction)Having read the book "The Secret", (which is based on the Laws of attraction) I believed in the concept but couldn't really put it into practice. Also being familiar with hypnosis I felt that perhaps I might absorb the material easier on a sub conscious level and get results. After listening to this CD for several months I have increased my income via a new job with stellar benefits with a great organization. I can't swear that this CD is 100 % responsible but opportunity came out of no where and I felt guided by an inner voice. Also Sprudio the manufacturer really produces quality Hypnosis products and offer free samples at their website. I will continue to use Sprudio CD's and in fact have purchased several others. Michael E. Mc Clenan (This Review was posted in Amazon)

I just purchased a few more of your cd's today and cannot wait for them to arrive and use them.I listen to 3 of the Sprudio cd's in my stereo at night whilst sleeping(not on a repeat loop) and during the day I listen to Mindpower seduction on my computer.I have to tell you I am feeling VERY calm and in control in my head,and in the past I suffered from anxiety and depression(it feels like that was a lifetime ago-absolutely awesome Elena and thank you for your phenomenal products and bless you for your great work-much appreciated)
Barry H. Australia

I've tried,and tried,and tried other subliminals and hypnosis cd's too,but i can say hands down that you have the most effective therapy available!Is so simple...just play and boom!I would like you to consider this feedback,you deserve it!I bought the iressistible charm mp3,i'm oozing the stuff now.Looking forward to others.Cheers from Romania.
Tudoran Alexandru

I purchased a custom subliminal from Sprudio on 07/16/2013. Just like you promised, I received it the very next day (07/17/2013). I've been listening to it everyday ever since 07/17/2013.
Day 1: 07/17/2013 Day 15 (Today): 07/31/2013 First of all, I started an important project last summer 2012. I started the project, and I quit/gave up after 2 days because it was too difficult and frustrating. I got nowhere! I didn't even get out of the batter's box (home plate). Fast forward 1 year later: present time - summer 2013. 
A few days later after Day 1 of listening, I RE-STARTED the same important project from last summer 2012.  Why did I re-start the project? I feel more confident, I feel more motivation, I feel more powerful AFTER a few days since I started listening on 07/17/2013 (Day 1). Guess what? Today -- Day 15 (07/31/2013), I COMPLETED my important project -- all by myself! It was a lot of work, and I did it all by myself! May I say that I am PROUD of myself! I got my first positive results in 15 days! I'm looking forward to more positive results in the future with my Sprudio Custom Subliminal. I will definitely purchase another Sprudio Custom Subliminal in the future -- definitely! It's been a long time coming, so THANK YOU Sprudio for helping me achieve an important goal! If you are reading this testimonial on the internet, this is a REAL and GENUINE testimonial that I wrote on my own free will! Sprudio never asked for my testimonial in advance -- never!  Eric, Orange County, CA

This feedback is about our customer service:

I am new to subliminal music. When I first heard of it I browsed several sites for 2 months before deciding to purchase. Even though I saw your site initially I discarded it because it was not colorful or trendy like some other subliminal sites so I discarded it. But when I emailed to different sites asking doubts only your site gave fast, correct and detailed replay. That shows your commitment and trust. Replays were genuine like talking one to one and not like cut, copy, paste from somewhere lime other sites. I congratulate you and each and everyone of your company for the service. if mp3 works then I will spread about it to my friends and those in need. My prayers and best wishes goes to you. A.- India

I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me. I purchased your Attract Your Soul mate over a year ago, after seeing how effective your Attract Men subliminal was for me. A few days from now, I will be celebrating my first anniversary of being together with a man who has become my lover and my best friend. Yes, our relationship isn't perfect (what is?) and we do have problems on our own, but what amazes me is we always come out stronger in the end. I know one year is still a short time to be together, but considering my past relationships, I am very grateful that I have already found someone who is willing to work this through with me.

Oh and also, I purchased your Financial Abundance subliminal and my monthly income increased five times what I used to earn.

I will continue to listen to your subliminals (right now, I am listening to your Lose Weight mp3 and Financial Abundance occasionally) because I am positive these will bring me great results like the first mp3s I listened to.

I am just amazed at how wonderful these audios work. I was a big skeptic at first, but since your free subliminals worked amazingly for me, I decided to make a purchase.

I'm just very, very, very thankful and very amazed at everything your products have done for me.


Last year was VERY challenging for me. Over two years ago I purchased ATTRACTING YOUR SOULMATE, BE SEXY AND Mind Power Seduction- Law of Attraction Music MP3 and after listening them a couple of months I was involved in a beautiful love relationship (I wrote you about it in the past). Then it was over, so your audios RECOVERY AFTER A DIVORCE, GETTING OVER A RELATIONSHIP AND LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN were very helpful. Once I felt better kept listening to ATTRACTING YOUR SOULMATE, BE SEXY AND MIND POWER SEDUCTION (both music and silent) and things are very different. I now have a very supporting male best friend and have more friends. My social life has boosted! However, I really want to improve my love life and of course, I had to purchase some of your audios! So today I'm getting ATTRACT MEN, IRRESISTIBLE CHARM AND DATING CONFIDENCE. I know for a fact that your audios REALLY WORK and that I will have positive results in a short time. I also love your customer service. The immediate response you provide is amazing and guarantees we are dealing with a very serious company. Please, feel free to use the above testimonial for your feedback page. I want many people as possible to benefit from this amazing products.Many hugs and thanks for everything. I'll keep posting you on my progress.Bibi L.

Hello, I don't really have a question just a comment. I can't believe how well your subliminal mp3 worked! I used the better skin ocean mp3 for a week and noticed great results!
Thanks- Mike

" I am really impressed with the quality of your subliminal and customer service. I was looking for some help to over come unethical addiction. I tried many things but nothing worked. Your custom subliminal actually helped me to fight this addiction with great inner power and awesome self belief. Its been just 10 days i have been listening to your subliminal that's too only 2-3 times a day. And today i feel that i have much greater control over such unethical thoughts and a much greater will power to overcome it. I am sure sooner or later i will be completely free from it. I am still shocked at my own ability, my own will power that i achieved after listening to your subliminals which ultimately helped me beyond my own imaginations. I have never thought in my dream that one day i will be able to achieve control of such addictions. But is a reality now and its all because of your awesome subliminals. I am so glad that i found you.

I have decided to keep on purchasing subliminals only from you because your's subliminals actually work.

God Bless You.


Wow that motivation - end procrastination, and inspiration track is working again because I can feel it and I'm certainly doing it. I've ticked off 8 tasks today and feel like i want to keep going and going adding more tasks on and thinking up new ideas for future. I feel like I'm making good decisions and feel an urge to clear many dumped projects. I feel so calm and in 'work mode' in my mind, and I bring myself back to focus if distracted and have a desire to finish what I start, which is exactly what I can see is put in the script. I've tried hypnosis for years, tried nlp techniques and all that crap for months on end and nothing has changed that deep rooted laziness, I mean I worried that was a permanent problem. This has never happened in my life, and I just hope now this habit of just doing things stick, I've had that silent track playing non stop on pc even whilst I sleep.all the time its playing after reading customers having had great changes from their non stop loop playing. Can I just say if this effect sticks and i start making positive changes in all areas, why are you charging such peanuts for such value.Wow I mean talk about value Xxx

It's still early days on this but I feel i need to just keep on listening day in day out and then I can show everyone what the effect has done to me .
A.T (UK)

I have been a customer of Sprudio Subliminals for over 4 years now and the products are simply excellent. I have used them on myself, my family and even recommended them to many friends - all of whom have benefited greatly from them.

My all-time favorite is the one on END ANXIETY - which has helped me relax and unwind on numerous occasions. In fact, during tense periods, I play this MP3, every evening after coming from work....and it's amazing how all the stress of the work-day melts away, making my evenings so much more pleasant.

Thank you Sprudio, for your excellent products - and for the sincerity, dedication and generosity with which you provide this service.
All the best!

Been listening to your silent subliminal for a week "success and prosperity" I have bought about 2 dozens over the years and most I don't notice much a difference. I wasn't sure about your product either but I figure I give it a try. Well I have been without a car for over a month. My Chevy cavalier has been acting up-it would just die as I am driving for no reason. No one knows why. I've had 3 mechanics checked it out. I just bought it Dec.12, 2011. Well tonight out of the blue my boss presented me a 2007 red Kia Optima for 12 years of employment. I am not sure if I have been listening to the subliminal long enough for this to qualify as "a result from the subliminal" but if another lucky break comes along in the next few weeks-you can bet your bottom dollar it is as direct result of this. Thank you.. .Lilly

I have been buying Sprudio's products since last year and I have to say, the quality and service provided by Elena and team are nothing less than exceptional. While there are many subliminal sites out there that offer very good service and products, what makes Elena and Sprudio special is the fact that She has a genuine interest in the well-being of her customers. Sprudio treats me as a  friend...not just a good customer or client. And get this...their products work!!!! Recently I had a custom subliminal made for me to improve relations with my spouse...its only been less than a week and there are definite signs of improvement. I am impressed with how quickly Elena responded to my problem and request and how encouraging she was. I also had a custom made for a friend of mine with some pretty difficult and non standard requirements and Elena (She works hard into the night) had them out to me at a very reasonable cost. (By the way Sprudio should be charging at least three times more what they are charging for their custom products.). I am grateful  to be a customer of  a wonderful , honest, genuine and effective brand. :) Thanks to Elena and Sprudio and god bless you for all your work!


I'm writing today to say "THANK YOU" to you. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am on various levels. After eight years of giving up driving, I have started driving all over again, and I am really confident of driving alone. I have dealt with all my fears and a lot of credit goes to your subliminal audios. "Overcome Fear of riding in Automobiles" and "Driving Alone" are the audios you'd given me, and they seem to have helped me tremendously.
On another note, I used to be a shopaholic and went crazy every time I went out shopping. I had huge credit card debts and yet couldn't control my spending habits. When I was buying your audios, I'd also got your "STOP SPENDING and START SAVING" one, and it really worked wonders. Everyone around me has seen the change in me. I have reduced my shopping by 80% and have cleared off all my credit cards, I've actually got all of my cards cancelled so as to keep away from the temptation of going on a shopping spree unless I have the extra cash on hand to pay for it. Once again, thank you very very much. I am indeed grateful for your help and support! These audios do help in changing behaviors and I hope more and more people try them.
Kind regards,
Alisha Thomas PS -- Please publish this in your website with the other testimonials if you deem fit. I'd like the world to know how much your audios have helped me. It has help me change as a person.

Again, thank you very much.  I appreciate your time, attention and effort to ensure that I was able to download the tracks successfully.  The testimonies on how responsible and responsive SPRUDIO is, are indeed true! I must say that SPRUDIO is one of the few on-line companies that pay very careful attention to customer service and satisfaction.  I also liked the line that says --- contact us, don't worry...we are nice people.
On another note, I downloaded two days ago all the FREE mp3 tracks including "Sinus-Cure".  I played and looped them that evening.  I woke up the next day and I was so amazed because my sneezing problem simply disappeared.  I've had allergic rhinitis for 14 years and I sneeze at least 50x when I got up every morning.  Because of that, I ordered five more of your tracks. SPRUDIO is really great! By all means, you may take any part of my testimony as you see fit. I
hope it inspires trust and confidence in others.

Thank you very much Ramona S

Hi Sweet Person . Thank you! How quick you are! Very efficient and friendly! I am so happy with the mp3 you made for me. Bless you. I am so glad I met you. Sprudio is everything I hoped for in an Internet company. Sprudio is everything I sought in a subliminal company. I would recommend Spruido to anyone. You are honest, friendly, work with customers and speedy, and your products are fairly priced and within the budget of ordinary people who wish to become extraordinary! I look forward to continuing to do business with you. You are 5-star, Sincerely, Jeff Benes

You people are certainly a blessing to me. Thanks for being so prompt with your answer! I thank God for your work because I seem to get instant results from your subliminal. Thanks so much! God bless you! Gord (Canada)

Out of curiosity, I tried out your freeAttract Men subliminal. I listened to it for about 30 minutes each day, sometimes more when I have it on loop on my media player. Sometimes, I still couldn't believe what's happening now. Men are attracted to me like bees to flowers. All the boys in my classes have, in one way or another expressed their interest in me. And when I walk into a room, I could feel all the men turning around to look at me. There's not a single day when I go out of the house when a man does not come up to me to ask for my number. There's a problem, though. Some of the men are below my standards for a potential partner. A lot of them have their own partners and are looking to have me as the "other woman." I am flattered and amazed at how much the subliminal mp3 has worked, but a serious relationship with someone who can meet my standards is what I'm looking for. So I decided to try out the Attracting Your Soul mate mp3. I haven't tried it yet as I am still downloading it, but I'm hoping for amazing results just like the one I got from your free subliminal. Thank you. Kristen

I just want to say thank you so much for your mind seduction subliminal. I started using it end of December and I can’t tell you how much of a change I've seen in myself and how things "show up" for me lately. I really, really can’t say enough about it!!!
I found your website just by goggling. I think I was goggling "free subliminal mp3 and
finally found your website. The website seemed much more homey and
authentic so I tried your free anxiety subliminal and it took SO much
weight off my shoulders!
Sarah P.

I have only bought one of your products -Success and Prosperity Silent Subliminal MP3.

I have bought and used subliminals for quite some time and I think, after about three weeks of daily usage of this, that this is the very best I have experienced.

Although I am 58 years of age (teaching an old dog new tricks?) I reckon that as a result of every day morning listening to this my life has taken on a charmed existence, to some degree.

Thank you for a genuine product at an honest price.

Ali Ismail

You may not remember but you made a private MP3 for me some time ago. I recommended to anyone suffering from a relationship break up because your program works after all else had failed. Also your service is excellent. I may point out that I got ripped off by some other organizations. I have all ready referred you company to my son and my daughter and they have both bought MP3 from you. My son was suffering with bad depression and he tells me that after he received your mp3 and listened to it for several days, his depression reduced greatly. In fact he is back to his normal self now and is laughing and joking on the phone again. He can't speak highly enough of the result. As for my daughter. Once she saw the results your mp3 obtained with her brother and I, she had you make a personal mp3 for her and she has since bought 3 custom made ones from you. I spoke with her on the telephone last night and she speaks highly of your company too.
I thought I was a very strong and tuff man who had seen it all. I am retired. However I had no idea of the pain and suffering that one has when a very long relationship breaks down and can not be repaired.  Suffering from a broken heart is the worst experience of my life. My relationship ended in beginning of 2009 and following that I received every professional help, counseling and hypnosis know to man. All with zero results. It was then that I decided to try your subliminal program. You made a personal silent mp3 for me and I started listing to it on the 28th of October 2010 (my computer is in my bedroom and I had it running 24/7) Within 7 days I experience a change and started to fell normal again. However by mid December 2010 all the upset and pain of a broken heart were gone. I have not played it since. I am happy again and thoughts of the past are gone and to use an Australian bit of slang, "I am out hunting for skirts again".
In case you deleted the affirmations that I sent you, which I worded, I will cut and paste a copy at the bottom of this email. If you want you have may full permission to use it (of course without the name of my x) It worked for me and I can't see any reason that it wouldn't work for other who are in a similar situation. No doubt, with your knowledge, you may be able to re word and improve it. There must be thousands of people around the world who are suffering with a broken heart and can't find a way to relieve the pain.
Thank you again for your professional and excellent service and help. Your silent subliminal mp3 changed my life. If you require any additional information please feel free to contact me anytime Affirmation X is out of my heart
X is out of my head
X is out of my thoughts
X is out of my mind
I am free from thinking about X
I am free from ever having to speak with X again
I am happy that I won't ever see X again
I am excited that X is out of my life forever
I am single and free and happy away from X
I am in full control of my life away from X
I am full of gratitude that X is no longer my habitual thought Kind Regards and with thanks
Michael from Australia.

I absolutely know your subliminals work - the evidence is right there in my daughter; I simply cannot believe how listening to such messages, for example, ‘getting over a relationship’,’ attract positive people’, to name but a few, has had such immediate and amazingly positive results (it's kind of miraculous and magical) and that's not an exaggeration! I also find it reassuring that they also bring a kind of contentment to her as well as giving her impetus and drive to push forward in life (but in a happy and considerate way).

For me, I know it works also, such as’ influencing friends and co-workers’; the next day at work I notice the effects (brilliant). Interestingly Elena, whilst at work I forget that I’ve listened to it the night before, and it’s only when driving home, subtle things begin to strike me, such as how particularly pleasant that shift was and how even the most difficult and awkward few people were being so co-operative and happy! That is too much of a coincidence - I then begin to recall ways I handled certain situations or just general interactions, but the weird thing is I could not write down what I did/said differently, kind of just a combination of things which were subconscious.

I downloaded the files DIET and ATTRACT-MEN for free from your website. Then I decided to buy Attracting Your Soul-Mate MP3 (Music) and Be Sexy and Feel Confident MP3 (Music). I prefer music because I always play it during work hours. Within two days two things happen: 1) I ran into an old friend who asked me to get together to catch up. 2) Got an email from a distant cousin (who never met before) to get together the next day.  The DIET mp3 is awesome. I feel I'm less hungry at night and one day I forgot to have lunch because I wasn't hungry. Of course I ate something when realizing it because fasting is not healthy. That's when I decided to buy the silent mp3 I requested you because they definitely work. Right now I'm working in some love-life issues and I expect they will take a while to fix so for now, that's all I can share with you. Warm Regards Bibi

Just purchased a few of your cd's and let me tell you the one in particular Remote Viewing CD is right on the money. I already have some of the skills before the cd but now it's so enhanced I can't believe the places and things I've been seeing. Anyway keep the good work up. Catherine I did purchase at the beginning when I first got started, a couple/few from other outlets online. I’m only telling you this because it confirms to me how your messages are quite special; these others have often given me a feeling of being overly irritated not just tired and a little unsettled but actually a bit too pent up and a little weird. Also when my daughter has listened (very seldom to these particularly ones) because I haven’t allowed her to, she is not left with the positively, the contentment (yet motivation and drive!) from yours. It is odd particularly as far as I am concerned having drive is no good and unless you are positive and considerate with it. I instinctively feel safe with your products. Just felt that I wanted to let you know that .I love Silent Subliminal MP3 Creative Visualization the effects are calming yet stimulating. Sally Harper uk.

Thank you fro being an earth angel, you have given me faith when I had little hope, know you are an earth angel and if Ii could I would give you the world! May you both be blessed with unknown blessings already on their way!
Angel IA

Your silent subliminal are really good tools to work with. It helps me clear many emotional issues which results in clearer thinking. And I am not sure if anyone tried this, but they work great to create a sense of positive attitude and calm during traffic jams. :P
Once again thank you!
Lily Wong

I just wanted to write to you to let you know how impressed I was by the quality of the music you play in your mp3's. I have ordered from multiple other subliminal mp3 websites and their background music was nowhere near as enjoyable as yours despite their higher prices and claims of "quality."
Thank-you for making a quality subliminal mp3 product at an affordable rate and I look forward to ordering from you again soon! You have my permission to use this as a testimonial as well. Thanks again! -Lisa in Colorado

I have to tell you I love your Mind Power Seduction (law of attraction) Ocean Subliminal MP3. I feel like completely different person, I am attracting money like a magnet, people treat me different like I have a new aura, people are starting conversations with me, When I speak on the telephone I always close a sale. Keep up the good work! I will definitely buy from you again this time maybe, “Stop Shopping Collecting too much” he, he
.David B. Virginia

First I learned about Sprudio thru an article online. Since I got curious, I started this process downloading some free subliminal. The subliminal worked wonders, so I decide to become a paying customer. And, bottom line, I am happy with the outcome. You saved my life.
Kimberly M

I used hypnosis all my life when I come across your website. My first concern was “it is a scam?”
I had no concerns over the price. But after four weeks, I have been amazed by the effectiveness of the sessions in a very short time I've become much more relaxed, confident. I still have to work on some more issues, but I am sure that everything takes time.
Karen G. Victoria Ca

Thank u for all the help, my life is changed, not all, about 90% thanks to you. Thank you for everything. I am a sprudio customer for over 4 years now.
Theeran Naidoo

Hello... still interested in adding an anonymous testimonial to your website?this mp3 (Attract your Soul Mate) has worked amazing wonders....I've attracted plenty of potential mates, but have also attracted acquaintances to places that I would least expect them to appear at. also... I have literally manifested physical attraction (like a magnet)....

I had to search for a subliminal web site and found www.sprudio.net . I purchased one Mp3, I love it. I listened only an hour yesterday while I was driving and got up at 1 am and wrote two business emails. Just now I called an old customer I'd been shying away from for years. I see wonderful things coming from this.
Lyn Parrott 

Thanks so much for making up my download so quickly. A standing ovation for you people!
Also, I am listening to "Anger Management MP3(Music)". What a download. The music is THE MOST PERFECT
I have ever heard for a mp3 subliminal. It takes a lot to impress me and I AM IMPRESSED !
God Bless you in your work. Thanks for being nice people. I appreciate you allowing me to participate in the making of a custom mp3. I am grateful for your reasonable costs.
PEACE to you all, and may joy fill your hearts, and may you experience excellent health. -Jeff Benes

Hi AGAIN ... lol I feel like I bug you so much I'm sorry but of course you know I love your products!!!! What I have used so far(Become a Good Salesperson MP3 Silent, Mind Power Seduction (law of attraction) Ocean Subliminal MP3)has lead me to a new venture along by business path and the power of the Secret and mind control and being in the right place and meeting the right people at the right time is
GREAT!!! So now I'm so excited but also a bit overwhelmed with the way things are taking me. If you get a chance just read the latest post in my
I will now be selling like CRAZY the Terra Cotta Pendants and Young Living Essential Oils!!! The oils are with a Network Marketing type of company and the pendants are pretty much an addition to helping with the oils and a GREAT idea I simply found??? YES I Luv my Subliminals and I listen while online... in the car... as I sleep so I'm LUVIN it!!!
Things are coming along quite well!!!

As a medical doctor , I come across many cancer patients. I created one custom subliminal for cancer patients. I urge them to continue their treatment at the hospital, while at the same time listen to this mp3. Two cancer patients who has listened to the custom mp3 have benefitted a lot .I am letting you know this so that you know your work is bringing a lot of changes in lives of people aroung the world. Mohamed Farook. Malaysia

Thank You,
You are doing a GREAT WORK for human kind.
You will be rewarded with an abundance of GOOD...... >I love your product. You have a winner........................... Jorai

Dear Sprudio:

Jessica put this affirmation in her last custom CD:
"I maintain and keep my hair, skin, face, nails, and toes looking good, nice, neat, clean, wash, pretty and beautiful. I dress for success and prosperity". And now she can not stay away from the hair dresser.She loves to get her hair done now. Jessica 

I trust Sprudio because I actually hear the affirmations crisp and clear if I change the frequency in a computer equalizer. Thank you. MARIO L. B

Elena we want to thank you for being easy to do business with your very pro and we appreciate it very much your subliminal have been a help to us and our friends also. I have learned a lot concerning the scripts involved in making subliminal and have friends wanting me to write custom scripts for them so i will be in touch and look forward to doing more business with you .again thanks for just being so nice to do business with hope you prosper in every way Your friends Greg & Daniele

I love your subliminals. I listened to it yesterday & today. I am feeling positive already. Can't wait for miracles to happen. Thanks a million! K. Kato

This is wonderful we orderd this mp3 (custom subliminal) for our friend who has ibs and after one listen had results he is totally amazed
Thanks Greg & Daniele

Thank you so very very much for your help. I certainly will be ordering more subliminal CD'S from you folks AND I will highly recommend your web sight to my Friends and acquaintances.
Hope everyone there have an AWESOME MONTH ! ! ! Margie

I am enjoying your subliminal.. I have ordered a bunch so far. This one I like a lot: "Become a Good Salesperson MP3 Ocean I have a lot of sales calls tomorrow. Looking forward to try it out Jim Ryder

I purchased first End Anxiety Cd from Amazon, with ocean waves. I felt great after only one night. I also bought one in your website with music background and I listened to it last night and that music is wonderful. I feel no anxiety. Your cds are great. Bernie An Texas

I hope things are well with you. I use the program frequently and its helps. That Winning (custom) affirmation is so powerful! It just resonates with me. I truly appreciate your wonderful fast customer service Elena. That is the reason why I continue to purchase my subliminal cd's from you exclusively. Lindsey Simms

So far I have felt the change with positive feelings in a matter of 3-5 days. Sylvia Philips

Sprudio we just want you to know that you have been so good to us with the personalize subliminal Cd. And your subliminal ocean waves Cd has really help us.Further, Sprudio your subliminal Cd has really worked for our family Jerald and Sophia Hooper 

I Thank the Most High for Sprudio making a custom made CD for me. The Sprudio subliminal CD has help me to reach my goal. I have gain so much confidence since I started listening the CD. Further, my name is in the the local news paper under the heading The Best and Brightest. Finally, I want to be a lawyer. And I hope you can help me come up with some subliminal affirmation to be great lawyer. Jessica Hooper

Sophia has been listening to one of the Ocean Waves CD with healing affirmations on it. Further, to make a long story short. Sophia all ways had trouble with her cholesterol being to high. When Sophia had her blood work done this time her cholesterol level was normal. And our family doctor was very amazed at her over all blood work. Finally, Sophia is working on another Custom CD that she wants to called it her Daily Spiritual Food ocean waves CD Jerald and Sophia Fort Pierce, Florida

Remember our disclaimer. We do not imply any medical benefits. Stress related issue can bring health problems.

I have been listening to the CD's for 2 days now and I feel a very dramatic shift taking place within. My thoughts are changing this quickly.The music is beautiful and the ocean waves are lovely to fall asleep too. I am loving this process already!
Tisha Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Hello Elena It's Peter here, in New Zealand (astrology?). How are you guys over there in the USofA? I hope business is booming and that you are in good spirits. I can tell you now, Elena, that you guys are the best. I'm not just saying that - you know I don't need to. I've tried a few, like (we took out the name so the companies don't think we have something against them n.a.)etc, but you guys take First Prize, with honours. I don't know what you do differently from the rest, but it works. Ooooh, does it work! There's nothing fraudulent or insincere about you. It was a fortunate day I landed on your website. Best wishes from Peter in New Zealand

Dear Elena got back to work yesterday and all 3 cds were here. I set up my clock cd player so it plays the second one 2x after I fall asleep listening to the first one on my walk man. I can already tell they are having a positive effect. I liked the album cover also. reminds me of point sur or san simeon maybe I will be in touch and thanks again. God bless, you ,Forrest Stair

 I am back to order another mp3. I am clearing the clutter from my apartment and doing housework--so your subliminals are having a good effect. I thought I would never get motivated--I didn't know where to begin, but your subliminals are changing all of that. Thank you.All the best to you. You are providing a tremendous help to many many people at a very fair price and you have been so generous to me, I am very grateful. I appreciate you, Elena and Sprudio.
God bless and protect you and your family and make these happy days for you.

I just wanted to inform you that my uncle in the US, has made remarkable recovery since his surgery. He has improved so much that the doctors have said he is fit for travel and he will be returning to India in February.
I am sure that the medicines and the care played a big role in his recovery, but I do believe that a lot of credit also goes to the Subliminal CD you sent him (Recovering From Surgery MP3 Ocean )- and which was played to him, at least 3 times, everyday. Thank you, so much, Elena.
I see the small shifts and changes, even in my own life. Your Creative Visualization MP3 (Music) is great, and everytime I play it, I come by new and better ideas to do my work. It is amazing. All your subliminal tracks are great.
Thanks for putting out such a wonderful product in this world. Warm regards, Sumithra

I love my new custom silent subliminal! Your products are great and your customer service is wonderful! I thank you with all my heart! I truly do! Have a great night! Gord Canada

The silent one I purchased has been amazing for my mother. My mom would Love to Exercisebecause she has to for her health, but she's not fond of doing it b/c it feels like a chore to her. Well I've been playing the silent I love to exercise mp3 in her room every night and this morning when I asked her about exercising she was very receptive to it and she even asked my dad did he exercise, which she NEVER does b/c she doesn't want him asking her about exercising. I consider that a milestone! Lindsey US

I like the effect I am seeing in my life, after listening to your music - especially the Stress Relief / Stress Management one, on my husband! So, I thought, why not get one for the surgery recovery too. It is one of the few things I can do for them, when I am so far off. I have also recommended the Stroke Recovery Aid CD music to a friend, whose teenage daughter suffered a stroke. She has bought the Cd, and I hope it will help her too. There must be a reason why I came across your website and chose it out of the 100s that popped up on the google search engine! I sense that you are a very sincere person, and I hope that your Life and your Business will continue to meet with great success. Sumithra

I am impressed by your prompt response and your willingness to accommodate my request. You have an wonderful product - I have downloaded quite a few MP3 versions and I am finding them to be very beneficial. Wishing you all success, Regards,
Davy Jones

Jessica made an A in four of her 5 high school subject after using and playing all night in her sleep the Sprudio custom sublininal CD that your company made for her . Jessica said that her study habits and comprehension has greatly improve this high school year. Jessica will be working on another custom CD in the future. Thank you very much Sprudio Jessica Fort Pierce, Florida

I find your subliminals really effective and I am so happy to have found yours, it is a real blesssing to me! It is the only site I now use for subliminals.Thanks Elena, your the best! You can count on me for being one your customers. You give excellent customer service. Gord (Canada)

Just wanted to take a moment this evening to say thank you. After only three days of having and listening to the "silent" CD on bowling improvement I had a great series of bowling at league this evening. I bowled total of 154 pins over my average for the three games. This gave me my first sanctioned USBC 600+ series. Only thing different was that I did Play the CD several times the last three days. Guess the affirmations got into my head :o)
Thanks again and know I will be requesting more Cd's and MP3 downloads from Sprudio. Your the best! PS: Yes I let my secret out of the bag when asked how I bowled so well tonight. I told those who asked to go to sprudio.net Terry

I have tried a lot of brainwave entrainment from across the internet and yours was the first to make a profoundly noticeable effect on me. I am very happy with your products and I plan on purchasing more from you soon.
I started listening to the samples on your website on a regular basis and I have noticed huge improvements in my ability to communicate with other people without being bogged down by stress or anxiety. I am a lot more relaxed around other people and conversations don't require any effort any more. Also I have had a lot less stress and I have been worrying a lot less. This has enabled me to be in a more positive mood and have a more optimistic outlook on life in general.
Your products have had a huge effect on changing the way I feel, and those were only the samples. I can't wait to try out the real thing. Thanks for making such an awesome product. The effects have been truly life changing. Thanks again for your support. Have a wonderful evening. Sam F. West Jordan Utah

The Stop Smoking Subliminal MP3 Ocean Waves one certainly is working already, I feel like I have no desire for a cigarette Blessings/Tony.

I just received the two CDs. I am really impressed with your materials. I am seeing results and it is really working for me. My purchase of more CDs speaks for itself. I don’t intend to run down any other organization from whom I had previously purchased Subliminal CDs. But, in my opinion Sprudio is the best of the best. The music is soothing and whenever I do play it at home, I can see my wife and daughter are also affected by the background music. Isn’t it great to feel the family is also benefitting. It worth the investment. I will place your webpage in my business webpage to direct any potential prospects who can also benefit from using your programs. I wish all the best in your progress and I know more wonderful things will be created by you and Dave . Regards, Sam Renga USANA Diamond Director & USANA Lifetime Platinum Pacesetter

Hi guys-just a little update for you. I received my Psychic Development CD and it is great! I have already had intuitions and thoughts that have come to pass-all this in just a week! Keep up the great work Sprudio!!! Anthony Giaimo California

I recently purchased the anger management mp3. It works great, I feel the results already, no anger! Michael Kansas

Professional Healer Loves Our Audio Here’s a testimonial from Alison in Scotland, as you can see she’s convinced of the Sprudio level of effectivity we talked about before! Alison didn’t ask us to post her professional website here, we offered and she accepted. She wanted to write a tesimonial, as you can see, but we figured the email below was more than suffcient. Thank you Alison, yours is one of the best feedbacks ever! I LOVE the silent mp3 I have one playing constantly in the background. My son thinks I am totally mad as “you cannot hear anything!” LOL I feel the silent ones are a WONDERFUL step forward..especially for those of us who are familiar with the concepts involved. Although again, I must congratulate you on the choice of music……really lovely….often we get fed up of listening to the same thing. The silent allows me to listen all night on repeat. I really am exremely impressed with how you are enabling people to make positive changes in their lives. I have been interested in all this since it conception and have owned a light and sound machine for many many years. So I feel I am in a good position to say whether a product is good or not and yours are first class. Not only that…but I can tell it is also an act of love from you to the public which only goes to enhance the whole operation. If you want a testimonial I will happily write one for you. Blessings from Scotland Alison Stormwolf Writer, Poet and Healer

Thank you for the first customized CD. I am experiencing great success using Sprudio customize subliminal CD. We continue to fall asleep when we listen to your Customize CD. We wake up feeling great and wonderful. Sincerely, Jerald Hooper

Jessica listen to the CD that you made for my wife. Jessica said that Sprudio CD will make you extremely relax and calm. Jessica said that Sprudio is a real subliminal CD and the ocean waves are very soothing to her. Jessica loves and like to study psychology and sociology. She has taken some psychology and sociology classes in high school. The psychology teacher told her that some company make fake subliminal CD. And yes the real subliminal messages from sprudio does work. Jerald and Sophia Hooper 15 july 2008

In the past week we’ve had a few customers who really like our audio. For example a police officer in North Carolina contacted us with an interesting story. It seems that he had success with a diet subliminal tape in the past, and wanted to try it again. We sent two downloads and he played one for a friend, who claims to have cut his or her eating in half after listening to one download only one time! It won’t be that easy for everyone, but when our technology works so well we are jazzed! Thanks, John.

Another buyer had a problem with reverb and a sort of choppiness contained between some tracks. We rectified the issue quickly and this customer was super impressed with our attention and customer service. You are quite welcome Amber, and good luck.

And finally, for now, a special thanks to Linda in Florida for getting such a quick start building that awesome library! Or maybe some were gifts, we’re not nosy. We won’t disclose how many CDs you picked up, but they are nearly finished and on the way. Feel free to join in here if you see this… so far nobody has chosen to participate in this new blog yet, but that’s ok we understand that people have other priorities. Eventually someone will jump into the mix here and contribute!

I ordered in May 12th Stop Craving carbs and I already got results. It hasn’t been a month yet but I am pleased so far . You are wonderful. Patsy Canada.

I’ve really controlled my anxiety thanks to your help. I don’t go to the doctor at all like i used too. My End Anxiety CD scratched! I know you made 2 of them now. I haven’t listened to your End Anxiety CD in like 2 months and I’ve been ok. But i want to have it in case.

“You are the best! Please feel free to use my feedback on your site. I listen to either the Positive Thinking or Millionaire Mind files at least once a day if not twice per day. It is really amazing how well it works. My husband loves the Meditation and Relaxation mp3 he purchased. He listens to it at night before going to bed and it has really helped him sleep better at night. Besides awesome customer service, you are the only company which offers the mp3 downloads which are great for mobility.” … and “…The music choices you guys make are awesome and they relax me.” Melody

Thanks for everything. Your site has been a blessing to me. We will do business again. I will keep in touch. I really like the fact that you made me a custom subliminal. Again, thanks.Gerry.

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