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Lucky PersonalityThe power of a person’s mind and attitude should not be doubted, given the huge and growing library of amazing human accomplishments. Can we change our luck? Of course! Change what we do, we get different results. “But change,” you cry, “true change, is so difficult!” Yes, habits are very strong. It’s hard to visualize great luck for ourselves when the existence that we’re used to has been lackluster or disappointing. The trend needs to be broken, and here is a tool to help break it and turn “lucky!” But you will have to be very persistent and truly desire good luck, deep inside at the subconscious level.

Thank you Sprudio for offering Lucky Personality Subliminal CD for sale. I am used with subliminal products but I never thought in my wildest dreams that I will bring luck in to my life by using a subliminal product. All the things are falling in to place. I had an interview for a job I never dreamed to get and I got it. I was going to visit my family in Hawaii but I couldn’t find a ticket for the life of me. I went to the airport with no hopes and there was a spot open. Everything I am doing is coming trough. There are little things that brighten my day. Your truly Belinda Gleeson

Stop Hoarding and End Clutter Now Some people are good at periodic cleaning out of their environments. They can easily let go of old (or new) things and throw them out. We admire someone who can keep an uncluttered area, garage, basement, closet and home. But not everyone is good at clearing away the clutter! Many people develop a habit of collecting things over time, which is all right by itself but not when taken to unhealthy levels. Our homes become cluttered and hard to keep clean. Our friends stop coming over. Our families begin to worry.

Oh My!... The affirmations used in creating this subliminal Stop Hoarding and End Clutter Now!., it was WRITTEN for ME, right? HA! Just what I need! Thanks much! I am asking you to keep my name confidential because the subject of the product. However this Cd helped me very much and should be praised because it is working. I dreaded to clean my house and get rid of old things that don’t matter – are old broken and without value. I finally did it. I can’t believe that I could live with so much stuff, and what I found?... I am blushing just thinking. Call me Joe Dhorder

Attract Your Soul mateThere is someone out there for everyone. Look around. How did they find each other? Clue: They did not meet by giving up and ‘knowing’ they would never find the right person. Relax. When you least expect it, it will happen. Be yourself, be genuine and keep the virtual door unlocked.

In order to maintain this attitude, play this subliminal CD often- it was crafted with the latest technologies such as NLP and brainwave generator. Plus, one ultra-silent track is included at the end.

I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me. I purchased your Attract Your Soul mate over a year ago, after seeing how effective your Attract Men subliminal was for me. A few days from now, I will be celebrating my first anniversary of being together with a man who has become my lover and my best friend. Yes, our relationship isn't perfect (what is?) and we do have problems on our own, but what amazes me is we always come out stronger in the end. I know one year is still a short time to be together, but considering my past relationships, I am very grateful that I have already found someone who is willing to work this through with me.

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