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Welcome to Create Your Own Customized Subliminal Audio (MP3 and CD) Recordings. Create your own subliminal recording - safe- discreet- fast!
Sprudio helps you change at personal level. You can compose your own subliminal track, tailored for your own needs. Ours is a discreet, fast and affordable service.
We are here to serve, and you are now the creator. If you don’t feel confident composing your own subliminal script, just do your best to convey the idea of what you desire, and we’ll edit and trim your script and record it with your choice of background, as well!
And it gets better... If you’d like your subconscious to hear your own voice repeating your carefully composed sentences, we can make it happen!
Record your words and send the file to us. We will transform your recording into a professionally mixed, subliminal audio self help product.
We offer many choices of music, nature sounds, or the totally silent recording that goes with any activity. That type is called, and get ready for this: “Silent Subliminal Audio.” It is always a great option for those who can’t decide on music or ocean waves backgrounds, too.
Your verbal, but inaudible, track is not limited to a few words; you can use up to 100 affirmations, though we advise against that long a message. We can have your custom recording ready quickly and inexpensively.

Change is difficult, but necessary – better get started!

We offer this service for over 8 years with great success!!!

bulletChoose a title (name your subliminal how you wish)

bulletWrite the script- with us you are not limited to few words, you can make your own script

bulletSelect the background – music or ocean waves - or select silent subliminal. When you are done, submit your words. After submitting your words, you will be redirected to a payment page where again you have to choose the type of subliminal CD or MP3 and the background.  You will receive a copy of your words after submission. Be careful to insert the e-mail address you are using at checkout.

New Recording

Record your own voice and make the custom subliminal using your own recording. record yourself

What you can not do.: You cannot make subliminal for resale- and you cannot use your custom subliminal for manipulating or harming other people. We reserve the right to reject your request and refund your money.

Your custom subliminal recording will be deleted from our server after 30 days; also your words will be deleted from our in box after 30 days. Please keep a copy of the e-mail we send back to you, with your words.

Refunds are not available for customized subliminal MP3s or CDs.

Select your background. Select your music. There are 20 music sample 1 Ocean and Nature sound - Rain , dusk water creek.

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Sprudio sells real subliminal audio and not placebo. We are Leaders in Subliminal Quality using the most advanced and newest subliminal technology on the market.


1-Custom Subliminal Digital MP3 Downloads $29.99-You can use up to 60 affirmations. Using your own recording spoken affirmations not longer than 3 minutes . We will loop your affirmations and send back to you a subliminal 30-to 60 minutes long.

2- Custom Subliminal MP3 (10 Minutes Long ) $21.99 You can use up to 20 affirmations. Your voice recording not longer than a minute. Will loop your affirmations and send you a subliminal 10 minutes long.

3-Custom Subliminal Audio CD $39.99 - Each CD is 60 minutes long and you can use up to 100 affirmations ( select two music tracks at checkout for Cd only--ships next working day)

Pay after submission! You can Pay With Credit Card or Pay Pal.

Your custom subliminal will never be made available to anyone else or published in any way. We respect your privacy.

Your e-mail address must match the e-mail you will use at checkout. Also remember your background choice and choose the same background at checkout.

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