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If you have not received a confirmation of payment e-mail, chances are you made an error in entering your own e-mail address. Contact us and we will send you the links right away.

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Detailed Explanation You should receive in your e-mail and on download page.

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What does "Link expires after 9 downloads" mean?

This means that you can not share the link with free sources like bit torrent- however it does not mean that after you download and save it to your computer, it will disappear from there. Once you purchase and download a file to your computer, it will stay there as long as the life of your computer. You can save copies, of course, to avoid losing the file.



These affirmations are recorded at a special frequency so as to be inconspicuous to the normal ear. However, it has been shown that the subconscious can hear and recognize these affirmations, and takes action on them. These affirmations are all designed to help you.

Personal results are best achieved if your recording is played in the background while working or sleeping. Many find ocean sounds very helpful in achieving a good night's sleep.

While our programs are not normally distracting, the sound of ocean waves, for some people, can cause drowsiness. For this reason, you should at least examine the conscious effect the subliminal has on you - before considering use in your automobile.

Android users: If you have enough space, you might be able to download this mp3 directly to your phone. Please have patience and wait for each download to be finished. Do not click multiple times. The download takes a while, due to the large, loosely compressed files.

Silent Subliminal is the easiest of the three background types to use. There is no need to pay attention.

On the product page you will hear a generic sample of silent subliminal and not this particular title. Because silent is not silence, per se, you could hear a hiss or a high pitched whine.

This subliminal can be played at any time, day or night.

Continual use is not advised, since your brain needs to relax and dump a lot of garbage accumulated throughout the day.

Do not use silent subliminal at work, as it could influence your coworkers and also violate our policy that the subliminal product should only be used by the client, and not for the manipulation of others.

Unlike some vendors, we do not sell a general subliminal with different titles; each recording contains a unique content, length and background.

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Read our testimonials- they were written by individuals from all walks of life. Our feedback is all genuine (some of our customers and contributors can be found on our friends list in Facebook).

We never engage in aggressive or annoying marketing or mass email campaigns. We do not force you to become a member so we can flood your inbox with newsletters in order to target you as a customer. We let you decide if we deserve to be in your favorites list. So if you like us, don't forget to bookmark us! You might enjoy reading our blog that contains articles about positive thinking, success stories and the Law of Attraction.

We invite you to browse through our library and choose the best subliminal recording or CD for you. If you'd like something unique, tailored for your own specific needs, we have a custom subliminal offer. You write your own words, with positive affirmations using first person, and we will mix and record it for you in a few hours. You can choose ocean waves, music or silent (no sound) background. Silent subliminal doesn't mean silent, but it does contain the subliminal recording, created using alpha waves, and can be used anytime, anywhere. And the price is very reasonable!

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