Facts, Articles and Speculation Regarding the Human Subconscious Mind

Learn about the Cocktail Party Effect and more!

In this article we try to explain about Subliminal Audio Programs Meditation and how subconscious mind training with the brainwave generator and binaural beats works .

The internet is ripe with stories, facts, legends and myths about the subconscious mind. So much information, in fact, that it can make your head spin!

A google search for 'subconscious' returns five and a half million hits.

Subliminal learning helped early human brains adjust to environment

Subliminal audio technology attempts to induce a brain state similar to Transce or Meditation with the brainwave generator and binaural beats.

We believe our choice of music is critical for success; a CD you're supposed to play often needs to sound great- otherwise, no one will play them long enough to get the results we're striving for!

No Doubt...

Many of our athletics oriented audio products are based on a performance classic called "The Inner Game of Golf."
W. Timothy Gallwey had it right when he explained what a huge difference 'doubt' makes in every aspect of our performance (Random House, 1979).

Mr. Gallwey displays an extraordinary talent for applying subconscious principles to performance-based activities such as skiing, tennis and golf. The idea is basically to avoid interference from the conscious mind during any competitive physical performance. But the reader must also persist: the way to incorporate inner principles is to understand the nature of the two basic selves.

Path to Success

Every game we play, every job we take on, everything we do is ultimately an 'inner game.' To want to become the best at what we do is easier dreamt than done- it takes a huge effort. One way to perform better or to get rid of internal barriers is to invest personal time for growth. Sprudio subliminal audio offers a way for individuals to improve their position in life in various ways. Wherever you are, you can rise higher with a conscious effort. Whether you choose us, or a competitor, or a different method of personal advancement, please consider continuous improvement as a way of life - for yourself as well as your family and community-local, all the way to global.

Music is a transformational force in any human life- think about it! Music occupies a place in your mind that never forgets, never can go back. It can make you suggestible, impressionable, in essence a work in progress with a purpose! How does it do that? Music gives you hope, dreams and atmosphere. It shapes your view of the environment by virtual accompanyment. Whatever self you can creatively envision, you can approach in reality! Aim high and if you only make it half way, you made it! Here is the Donald Trump seminar for free and in two (2) words: Think Big! Now that you know this, the way to rise above your present situation is to grow mentally. Take action and you can surely grow, with the right music as a companion.


The use of binaural beats adds to brainwave "entrainment" by induced frequencies. This is merely a steady crossing over of two frequencies (they are near each other and oscillating), producing a rhythmic beat that you don't consciously hear.

From a repeat customer: "I like Sprudio music better than any I have ever heard in any subliminal recording. I dream it. I think about it at work. When I play it in the car, I totally lose track of time and feel refreshed when I get where I'm going. The music in my old subliminal recordings was nothing like this!

We have many great reports regarding our product; however, the nature of most testimonial-oriented copy is so obnoxious in total that we are reluctant to post a typical string of fake-sounding endorsements. In fact, professionals that have recently discovered our product have been disproportionately enthusiastic about it! Yes! This is the result we have been striving for, and we are excited that our efforts are being appreciated. This would be the best possible time to try our audio! Shipping prices are killing us right now, so our present policy of free S&H might be short-lived! No matter how enlightened we like to think we are, it doesn't exempt us from the evil costs of doing business. But, we do continue to deliver a super-quality product for much less than other producers in our particular business sector.

We're seeing a great trend with regard to professionals and return customers! Our products are being so well received that we now know for sure that our efforts in quality are paying off in reputation and results! A big Thanks goes out to our most astute patrons! Be assured that we will continue to produce every CD individually with the best music and internal content available. We're working on video DVDs for later this summer, too! Glad to help, we'll keep burnin' em, and keep that feedback coming!

Speaking of music, and who doesn't, let us take this opportunity to further stress the significance of the music we use in our recordings to make the subliminal experience a pleasant one for our customers:
The quality of recent music we have found is unbelievable! People with great talent have recently offered their life's works out for royalty-free application in efforts such as ours, and we have paid for these rights. This awesome music adequately covers the binaural beats present in subliminal audio, and at the same time makes the whole experience into a feel-good affair that you will look forward to every day. This quality makes ultimate success more likely, due to the pleasing nature of the Sprudio audio experience.

How do I know subliminal really works?

Answer: Because after a while you will notice such a huge difference in yourself and your happier frame of mind, that there will be no doubt in your mind that you made a good choice going subliminal with Sprudio Audio! We get a charge out of helping people and hearing back that our product is revolutionary for them; most of all, we're impressed with people who take charge of their own destiny and work to create it the positive way!

Skeptics always try, and succeed to a certain point, to ruin any positive force that can help others rise to new heights of success. If subliminal messages do not work, why is this a 50 million dollar a year industry? Was marketing that good? Why is subliminal advertising prohibited in shopping centers? Why? Because it does work! The subconscious mind is the boss. If we can train it, by whatever means, we are way ahead of the pack- remember, most people will struggle with self-control their whole lives!

Thanks for patronizing our virtual environment; we're adding new music samples often these days, so bookmark us and check back when you have time to check out some new samples and content!



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