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Want a subliminal MP3 that is not yet on sale? Just contact us, we will upload and create a shopping page. Due to many requests for custom subliminal we didn't have time to upload all of our Mp3s Ocean Wave and Silent MP3s.

Got questions? Our team are here to help you . Simply fill out the blanks and tell us how we can help. We aim to respond to all queries in few hours.

Contact us and don't worry...we are nice people and will answer all your questions.

If you have problems with your MP3 downloads we can reactivate the links and make sure that the MP3 arrives to you.

However we are not technical support for Phones, MP3 players, computer and operating systems or tablets. If you have problem transferring from computer to your external device please contact your manufacturer or ask google how to do it.

Are you from a country not listed on our shopping cart? Please contact us- we will redirect you to a page where your credit card is accepted.

IfIf you have not received an e-mail from us after purchasing products - your e-mail might stop incoming e-mails from sprudio. Please give us your cell phone number for TEXT only. We do not call or accept calls, but will text you right away




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