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If you've searched on the internet and can't quite find the subliminal message to fill your needs, consider making a custom subliminal instead. We will happily record a custom subliminal session, tailored to your exact needs.

Sprudio sells real subliminal and not placebo. We are leaders in subliminal quality using the most advanced and newest subliminal technology on the market.

Choose a title (name your subliminal how you wish)

Write the script- with us you are not limited at few words you can make your own script.
Sprudio gives you the power to create your own powerful subliminal.

You can compose your own subliminal track, tailored for your own needs. Ours is a discreet, fast and affordable service.
We are here to serve, and you are now the creator. If you don’t feel confident composing your own subliminal script, just do your best to convey the idea of what you desire, and we’ll edit and trim your script and record it with your choice of background, as well!

Select the background music, ocean–or silent subliminal. When you are done submit to us your words.  You will receive a copy of your words after submission. Be careful to insert your e-mail address you are using at checkout.

If you want to make your own subliminal that addresses to you only, use our custom form.  In order for the subliminal messages to be effective follow these rules:

Use first person "I" or "me"

You should use present tense, even if you desire to be rich. Instead of "I will be rich" use "I am rich" think about you as you already achieved your goal.

Do not use negations or double negation. One good way to say “I am not smoking” is “I am smoke free". Instead of "I am not sad" say" I am happy"

Record your own voice and make the custom subliminal using your own recording. record yourself

To use your own voice in your custom subliminal recording, record yourself with a phone or computer and send the file directly to us. Complete the form, selecting your chosen background, title, etc. but in the "Your Words" field, just enter a quick note such as ‘file attached’ about the recording you are submitting. When you send the message, wait for the attached file to be sent and the page will refresh and send you on to the payment page.

Please remember: You can not make subliminal for resale- and you can not use your custom subliminal for manipulating or harm other people. We reserve the right to reject your request and refund your money less processing fees. Your custom subliminal will be deleted from our server after 30 days; also your words will be deleted from our inbox after 30 days. Please keep a copy of the e-mail we send to you back with your words.

arrowMp3 Custom Subliminal $39.99- Each MP3 delivered to you is 30 minutes long
arrowShort Mp3 Custom Subliminal $29.99- Each MP3 delivered to you is 10 minutes long- you can use up to 20 affirmations
arrowCD Custom Subliminal $59.99- Each CD shipped to you will be 60 minutes long -(ships next working day)
Pay with Credit Card or Pay Pal .

No refunds!!!!
All custom subliminal are non refundable.

Please remember: do not ask for a custom subliminal with potentially manipulative or harmful messages, to others, we will reject your request .

Sample Background

There are 20 music sample ocean and nature sound - rain , dusk, water creek, etc

Please make a note of which one you like. A new window will open when clicking the "select your background" button.

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Returning customers can receive the old prices until the end of the year. Please contact us for the discount code..

Start Your Custom Subliminal

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After submitting your words, you will be redirected to a payment page where again you have to choose the type of subliminal CD or MP3 and the background.

Your custom subliminal will never be made available to anyone else or published in any way. We respect your privacy.

Your e-mail address must match the e-mail you will use at checkout. Also remember your background choice and select the same background at checkout.

Music Background Samples to use in your custom subliminal

For computer you can keep both pages open the custom form and sample page. Click first the green button and then click the link above to play samples. Keep them open on your desktop and select the background you like.

You can Pay using Credit Cards or Pay Pal.

If you have a larger file use a hosting service like Drop Box (which is free) to send us your own recording or your own music.

Your affirmations should be short and positive.

I am a handy person. Everything I am doing ends just right. My mind finds solutions. I am doing my job fast and easy. I manage my time. When I am building something it is always right. I can put together IKEA furniture. I am handy with my tools. I know to use and charge my power tool.

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