Subliminal Recordings With No Sound

Learn how it affects the conscious, and the subconscious mind.

In fact all subliminal content is silent, with few changes in frequency and brainwave input. We do not lower volume and cover with music, that will not be effective. Subliminal targets your subconscious mind bypassing the conscious mind without the need of putting the subject in trance or sleep state. Call it; talking directly to your primitive mind,( the one that is truly the boss).

Silent Subliminal Technology

The name Silent Subliminal doesn't mean silence in the literal or strict sense of the word, but it is a name used for a subliminal recording when there is no background applied (Music, Ocean, nature sound etc). Our Silent Subliminal is created by changing the frequency of audio recording however the technology has changed and has nothing in common with the technology from 1992.

When there is no sound, is it any good?

It is great to play a subliminal recording without sound when you have no available time for the usual self-help audio CD's and do not always have the time to utilize conventional or hypnosis CDs.  The sounds embedded on the CD's are out of the hearing range of people, so you will not hear anything on a silent subliminal technology CD.  Believe it or not, your subconscious can understand what this disc is saying even while you are doing other things, such as watching TV. The initial benefit of using silent subliminal is the elimination of the boredom factor. The CDs are completely private because nobody will know that you are working on eliminating certain behaviors that may embarrass you, like stopping alcohol or losing weight. 

The initial concept for subliminal software was patented in 1992, but technology has changed very much and now it is available for everyone.  Consider the fact that all the subliminal messages are actually silent.  The sound of the waves is normally only used for pleasure anyway.  By removing the sound of the waves and slightly changing the Alpha wave frequency, a silent subliminal is created. 

It is essential that you not use loud volume because this will be perceived by your brain as screaming and is unnecessary.  Keep the volume on low. 

If you have pets, remember that they are able to hear silent subliminal very well. Animals have acute sensitivity to high pitched sounds that are out of the conscious hearing range of humans. However, humans perceive these sounds through the subconscious. Just because your conscious mind cannot understand the subliminal does not mean that your subconscious cannot. Consider the primitive and powerful instincts that guide the lives of human beings. Our subconscious mind drives our need for love, fear, desire and hunger. During our sleeping state, our subconscious drives us.

Can I be sure there is a recording and not pure silence?

We are living in time when technology is at everyone’s hand. All you have to do is to download a free audio editor such as Audacity. Import the track to Audacity, amplify the volume few times and see if you can hear something. Also when opening our silent subliminal in Audacity, you will see a sound waveform as a normal song has.
We imported one silent subliminal sold by a “reputable” company and discovered only a flat line.
We, Sprudio Subliminal Audio producers openly invite anyone to discover for yourself who is honest and sells what they claim.

Introducing ... Silent Subliminal audio CD's

Our standard subliminal CD's all contain one silent track at the end with no audible music or sounds whatsoever. No one will consciously hear any audio content on these tracks! You can play these silent tracks while watching a movie, driving a car, in a  crowded waiting room (to soothe the savage beasts), over dinner, while sleeping, at work (nobody will know), or virtually anywhere! Additionally, we now produce fully silent discs of every title - available immediately. Silent subliminal should not be used for manipulation, it is used for personal improvement and self help. Each of our Music Subliminal Cds or Ocean Subliminal offer a bonus track silent of 10 minute. This will help you get familiar with silent subliminal. If you are happy with silent subliminal you can order a CD silent subliminal entirely. Imagine yourself what can you do with your CD: Play it while watching TV, playing the computer or reading a book. You can leave it play while working around the house or doing anything you like. The subliminal message it is delivered to your subconscious mind bypassing your conscious. Unlike hypnosis you do not need to be in a trance in order to receive the full benefits. With subliminal, repetition is the key. Please browse through our store and download your silent subliminal

* Note, our costs have been rising steadily and we're trying to avoid raising the price but this can't hold on much longer. For now though, fifteen dollars is the best bargain on the planet, considering our quality and service.

 We (here at Sprudio) have been working hard to incorporate, integrate and allocate all of the newest technologies into our Subliminal audio discs). We have developed a huge list of new titles to choose from.

* Update : Silent Subliminal Audio is gaining in popularity among repeat customers in both CD and download formats!

  Product Features

Engineered to help you kick a habit or improve a skill - by targeting the subconscious mind.

Digitally mastered using a spectrometer to verify frequencies of each channel, audible or silent. 

If you are skeptical to buy directly from our store- you can visit our Amazon store or our E-bay store. However, we do not sell silent subliminal in none of them.

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