How Subliminal message affirmations can help me?


There are so many tools and resources that are available to help you in the achieving of a goal.  Highly recommended is the use of subliminal CDs.  Subliminal CDs can help people to achieve goals very, very fast instead of going about goal achievement in a frustrating and slow fashion.  Subliminal CDs can keep you from going in circles and can take you directly to your goal.  It is good to listen to subliminal CDs each day to help you get to your goal in a self directed way, very quickly.


Subliminal messages can be a useful and effective tool. They can be used to make differences in the subconscious mind. These differences might be accidental or may happen with a definite purpose in mind. A message can be helpful if the subject desire changes. These sorts of messages are a bit different from post-hypnotic suggestions. You remain completely conscious but are unable to fully comprehend what is happening.

You have, for many years, allowed your inner self to be suppressed and have no say in what you really want. It is time to change, and for this you seek enlightenment; get rid of anxiety, depression, become wealthy and/or get rid of unhappy thoughts. With the help of our subliminal messages you can achieve a higher understanding of yourself and become a better you. Nothing can stand between you and your own success! Whatever you are seeking, you can have. Want to find your soul mate? Only you can attract the right person in your life. Our subliminal CDs will help you to see your good qualities, focus on them, and work on improving your image. Changing your life is within your power. Nobody can make you happy but yourself. We are what we allow ourselves to be.


Differences between subliminal and hypnosis.


When under hypnosis you enter in so called trance. This means your conscious mind is asleep while your subconscious is awake. In order for a hypnotherapist to access and send positive affirmations to your subconscious mind, he needs to put your conscious mind to sleep.  However you can not be hypnotized: while working, driving or operating heavy machinery. Subliminal the newer invention it is the perfect tool. Without entering in trance your subconscious mind is targeted and fully awake. Bypassing your conscious mind all the positive affirmations are directed entirely to your subconscious mind. You can also use subliminal while driving or operating heavy machinery, because you are fully awake. Subliminal in order to bypass your conscious mind uses a different frequency which is inaudible to your conscious. So do not believe if you can't hear it you don’t know it. Repetition also is the key. All subliminal affirmations are repeated multiple times during a recording. Playing every day eventually changes will take place.


Why subliminal recordings are useful


Lots of people have the idea, and rightly so, that their basic thinking process could use a little tweaking; from slight adjustment to significant change, in order to get to their next level or meet a personal goal. Some need to stop smoking or drinking. Or both. Or worse. Some of us would benefit by becoming more assertive. Standing up for ourselves. Others are having trouble staying motivated. They get distracted or lose interest when the going gets boring, or tough.

Why can't we just change our behavior and habits and be done with all this drama? We could, if our minds were that easy to make up. We all know they are not. The subconscious rules over us, and we can change but it's really hard.

It is well known that we humans can hear much better than we believe we can; the subconscious mind picks up sounds (and spoken words) that we are not consciously aware of. We absorb a tremendous amount of input (information) during the waking day, things we are aware of - and many that we are not. Our eyes and ears are blasted with images and sounds from television, radio, people talking to us and others, and of course our personal experiences and thoughts add greatly to this barrage. Add emotional trauma and stress into the mix and we really have our work cut out for us! We have to filter out the garbage when we sleep. Our highly efficient brains throw most of it out, of course, but a lot makes it into the subconscious' long- and short-term memory.

Luckily, technology gives us ways of fighting back.

Self-help subliminal audio messaging is a tool that we can use to relax, sleep better, or target behaviors and habits that we might not even fully understand. It's not actually possible or necessary to understand all of the underlying reasons for something in order to change it. So to answer the question up at the top in big bold letters, the reason we might try subliminal audio is to help us change once we have identified or defined a difficult goal.


The new digitally mixed subliminal CD's and .mp3 messaging is quite different from the older tapes that simply used music and volume levels to mask subliminal suggestions and affirmations. We use oscillating frequencies to produce binaural beats, which cause a higher level of brainwave entrainment (achievement of suggestible states of mind). Actual verbal content has evolved, too. For instance we now know that that the subconscious ignores certain modifiers, particularly negatives. And let's not forget about silent subliminal technology, which is fairly new and still rare. At the end of the day, though, it is the amazingly capable human brain that accomplishes every goal. When you initialize a desire and follow up with some type of action, consciously and repeatedly, you stand a much better chance of success. This is what self help audio helps you do; it keeps you on track, repeats positive affirmations and suggestions directly into the subconscious and helps you to relax and sleep better. Here in our studio we could not imagine a more interesting or rewarding product.


There are so many way to use subliminal now read How to Achieve Lasting Life Improvement!!

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