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We do not advertise too much, while other merchants spend thousand advertising and claiming miracles, we are spending our money toward improving our product. All our products are renewing every year so you never buy an outdated program.

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After creating an account in e-junkie you can start adding the code in your website..

The affiliate system is through E-Junkie, a long established trusted and secure site.

Payments will be made to your paypal account within a few days of the first of each month

Each time a sale is made through your website e-junkie will send to you an automatic e-mail.

Note: We do not pay to customers if affiliate buys the product himself. We do not pay if the customer is a returning customer and was our customer before stumbles up on your website. We do not pay if the money were refunded to the customer. We always pay to the end of the next month to make sure that there are no refunds.

1) Just join the E-junkie Affiliate system

2) Use the Affiliate Link code to link directly to the main website.

3) Post the code you get from e-junkie along with a text or graphic

4) Link on any website (even Face Book and MySpace) and you will receive commission from any customer directed to the website from that link

E-junkie provides merchants the technology to operate their own affiliate programs. You only need one E-junkie account to join affiliate programs offered by any E-junkie merchant. In your E-junkie Affiliate Admin, you'll only see the merchants whose program you have joined.


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E-junkie provides you copy-paste buy now buttons and shopping cart to let you sell digital and tangible products. E-Junkie take care of interfacing with the payment processor you want and they also do secure and automatic delivery for your digital products.

With E-junkie you can centrally manage your products from admin panel while selling your products on multiple places (your website, your blog, MySpace, Craigslist, eBay etc.) at the same time.

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