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Our name is SPRUDIO click to hear pronuniciation.

Sometimes we're asked who we are and why should we be trusted in regard to what we're 'whispering in your ear' or if we're qualified, certified and authorized to meddle in a person's subconscious mind. First, we state here and everywhere else that our clients can absolutely have faith in our integrity. We have demonstrated the ability to produce effective recordings, and we continue to provide top notch customer service.

As an owner/operator couple, we bring a combined fifty-plus years of professional, technical, educational and life experience to the table. Elena and Dave are hypnotherapists accredited by Hypnosis Motivation Institute of Los Angeles in 2005. Our learning process never stops; we study Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), the Law of Attraction, human nature and various technical disciplines, as well.

Rest assured that our agenda includes nothing but success and positive progress for our customers. Our very survival in this particular market depends on our quality and integrity! As our product diversity expands, we fully intend to maintain our 100% Positive Feedback rating and excellent response from customers here on the main site. Apparently our unique sound and quality are being increasingly well received -as we have labored for- by more and more repeat customers. All of the testimonials that we publish are genuine letters from real clients of ours.

Our Story:This is in short the story, not our story but how our business was born.

In 2003 while moving from Europe to US, Elena had the culture barrier. Dave introduced to her the subliminal concept, she realized that the products that the market offered at that time were just not as high quality and effective as she would want.

Relentlessly- she studied hypnotherapy and psychology and created her first subliminal for anxiety relief, overcome shyness and overcome jealousy.

Things started to change for the best, she fired her counselor, and started a new journey. While she wasn't capable to meditate on her own. due to the fact that we live in a busy city and noises are everywhere she created a new revolutionary subliminal CD, for meditation and relaxation.

While she was going to school to learn new trades she exchange her Cds with colleagues who had a hard time learning and the new products : Power Focus & Better Concentration and Study Habits were created.

Because those Cds worked so well on her colleagues she was advised by all her friends to share her passion with the world.

At that time Elena had a huge language barrier but an unstoppable desire to help the world. Dave wrote the content and description of the products, took phone calls from customers while Elena was doing her magic creating what today is sprudio.net , a new innovative and envied company that help people live a clean , happy life.

To be honest Tony Robbins had his part in influencing us to create a product affordable to people like us and you. We never met Tony Robbins but we read and listen few of his speeches and we understood how important were his messages.

If you believe in yourself Law of Attraction will work on your favor.

Dave and Elena are married from 2003 and still very much in love and together in 2017.

Because we preach harmony- and love, we offer an example in our commitment to each other. Another achievement we had together was quitting smoking with our own product subliminal CD for quitting smoking. In fact we helped ourselves first before we put most of our products on the market. If you want to be in our network you are welcome to follow us in Facebook.

Our promise to You

We promise superior customer service. Before you buy, try contacting us if you like. We'll answer any questions you might have about our products. Please do not send us links to web sites that have adult content, we will not answer such e-mails. Thank you!

Self-Hypnosis audio is not for everyone. This is why we specialize in:

Subliminal CD's/MP3's

Each subliminal audio CD is crafted in the Sprudio (Studio) with care, using unique music, quality calming sounds and subliminal content. Every CD is checked for quality and errors.

Continuous commitment to improvement has resulted in a comprehensive set of audio self-help CDs that can be used by professionals in the psychology sector. We use the best audio available on the market today. We want our customers to understand exactly how to get the best results, so extra material is included with every order.

We believe that there is no proof that hundreds or even thousands of stacked messages can be understood and accepted by the unconscious; in fact, the subconscious could very well reject such input. Conditioning of an entire lifetime cannot be permanently changed in a few days, or in a few weeks. Positive programming takes time. Normally, benefits will begin to be felt after a couple of weeks.

About our CD's and their Content

Our Cds are our creation and we are here for long time; every company uses their own wording, some use the affirmation "You will be good" (future, referring at a second person): we consider this wrong. We use "I am good, I use moderation, I feel great, I appreciate my health, etc." -- this is present tense, it's a powerful affirmation and subliminal and SELF help. So, these words will be received by me the listener -not by somebody named You. We do now include a significant excerpt of the verbiage on the back cover of each disc as well.
We give a sample of our affirmations, on each subliminal MP3, or CD.
The more repetitive the better for subconscious. If the mom told the kid, you are smart 200 times in one year he believes that he is smart If she tells him only once, then he might forget how smart he is.
From our study and others, knowing what subliminal affirmations are contained in the audio does not give you any gain; contrary, your subconscious can create a barrier and because it's stubborn it could say "I know what you're saying and I don't want to do this." You will find different opinions from various sellers. Each producer has its own technique, yet we believe in ours.

Our Focus is You

Unlike other vendors we renew our programs every few years. This means that the recordings are fresh with newest technology. Our business was born in May 10 – 2005 – and we are certified hypnotherapists and audio technicians.

We are open to new ideas and new titles- you are welcome to send us your feedback.

You still have plenty of time to reach your goals. A good plan might be to continuously learn and transform your mind into the most efficient machine that you can. Some people find it difficult to be objective about their problems. Plus, it is essential to think positively and creatively. The benefits of self- hypnosis cannot be denied. Deep sleep, for one, is known to be a great healer of the mind as well as the body. Practice often with self-hypnosis to get the most out of it. The materials that come with our audio CDs will explain the process. We have also provided a 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.

Everyone is different; some people require months to acquire a hyper suggestible state, while others can accomplish it on the first or second try. So, take charge and get on the path to improvement- in financial success, personal happiness, and mental focus; whatever your unique individual story might call for.

Look for interesting opportunities to play our totally silent tracks and CDs, and read the brochure that comes with the order to get the great results you deserve! Be confident that we are astute in all of the state- of-the-art technologies in our field and understand how to utilize audio tracks containing specific frequency ranges such as Alpha, Delta and Theta waves. We also use Light scribe technology to mark each CD in order to avoid disc errors. We could challenge any studio to beat our quality.

So in our own personal experience and in the feedback of others, we are seeing a great success and want you to participate in the gains that can be had by proactively adding a new tool to your arsenal for success. Please be patient and let the self-help tool do its work- because it really can and will change your mind (and your life) for the better! In our quest for continuous improvement of our products, we sometimes re-write subliminal content based on new knowledge - and we have also been known to change the music contained in various titles to make them more effective. Enjoy the information and links provided here! The subconscious and the incredible power of suggestion are excellent subjects to read about.

Custom-engineered Subliminal Messaging CDs. Subliminal titles include new Silent Subliminal track for use anywhere, any time. Our audio is created, mixed and burned onto CDs here in the Sprudio using the newest and best technologies to bring you the best subliminal and hypnosis discs and files on the market today! We have
searched for, and found, unique new music and custom-blended it with our subliminal audio content. Unique subliminal message affirmations for each title.
Please access our Frequently Asked Questions page if you happen to be subliminal-curious.
Who isn't?

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