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On this page you can check your shopping cart. MP3s are added to a different cart than CDs. We made it easy for you. Previous customers used to buy CDs and wanted MP3s and vice versa so we created Amazon Style.

MP3 Files: Please double-check, make sure that the e-mail address you enter is correct because your MP3’s will be sent to you after payment. You will also be sent to a Thank You page, where you can download your digital MP3 recording. Please use a COMPUTER; PC or Mac, to download our MP3 digital recordings. Your file can then be transferred to other devices, such as a tablet or phone, but please remember that the initial download is a very large file (50 to >100 MB); and, a quality download requires a high quality internet connection.

Important MP3 download information


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CD Shipping: Your CD will be shipped on the same day of the order, IF the order is placed before NOON Pacific Time. Afternoon orders are shipped the following day. We ship CD’s via USPS (Post Office), so orders in the U.S. normally take 1-5 working days after ship date to arrive at their destination.

First Class Mail ships in a padded envelope, double bubble-wrapped.

Orders of more than four CD’s will be shipped via the least expensive method.

If you elect Priority Mail, the post office claims a delivery ‘window’ of one to three working days.

Tracking information is available and will be e-mailed to you.

International orders usually take five to ten working days from order to delivery, this means that weekends and holidays do not count.

Disclaimer: The Post Office might not always respect their stated delivery date; however, WE ALWAYS ship sooner than 24 hours after each order (if humanly possible).

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Shipping Charges Option


Free (5-7 days to arrive to you)
1 and up CDs- goes with first Class Mail

Priority Mail (2-4 days to arrive to you)

1to 4 CDs- $6
5 and up - $20

International ( 7-10 working days arrives to you)

1CD- $13.45
2-4 CDs - $15
5-10 CDs- $45
10 CDs and up- $70


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