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60days money back

The items we offer are of the highest quality and are packed with care. We are confident that you'll enjoy and treasure every item you purchase at Sprudio. All our CDs are sealed and new.

Consumer Advice Notice

All of our CD's are guaranteed against defects in material for one year.
All our self-help products are sold as educational properties only. We do not claim or imply any medical benefits. Nothing in our product range is a substitute for proper health care. Consult your doctor if you have questions regarding health care.

Property Rights

We do not sell our products or create custom subliminal with resale or royalty free rights. Please remember that copyright is protected by law and all subliminal program have a digital print.



If a CD is broken in transit we will exchange it. If only one CD was broken you don't need to send the CD back for exchange. If there are more than one CD broken we will ask to ship them back, and we will exchange them. If the CD doesn't play and you do not want an exchange but a refund, we will issue the refund once you return the CD(s) to us. We are confident that there will not be this type of problem.
All CD's are manually tested & verified before being shipped out.

Please handle with care. Do not keep the CD in the sun or on a hot stove. Please do not touch the CD directly on the reading surface.

When you buy our CD's you have a chance to hear a sample in the download area; if your CD is not listed, and you are afraid that the music will not suit you, please order ocean waves or silent so you will be safe.

Returns may only be made for defective products. Defective products will gladly be replaced. Please send with the return the invoice too.We will not charge S&H for replacement.

Subliminal works - if you want to test the power of our subliminal audio, you can purchase a digital item or download a free one and see for yourself how you react to subliminal audio. We receive frequent reports from our customers that our subliminal content is effective.

Digital Items

If you are unable to download your digital file, our tech support staff will be happy to work with you to resolve the issue.
We do not refund money for digital items (MP3); please be aware that if you buy digital downloads you have 5 to 9 days to download the item and save it in to your computer. After that the link will expire. We will resend to you the expired link per request. We do not monitor the download history - there is automatic software for this. If you do not download our product and the link expires, please contact us to resend the link.



Refunds are not available for customized subliminal MP3's or CD's.

We refund money for only ONE MP3. If you want to try our product buy one and if after 60 days you are not satisfied we will refund your money. If you buy more than ONE MP3 we will not refund your money. We may consider that you wanted to take advantage of our product for free. No MP3 refunds are allowed if you buy more than once from our website (called returning customer). You should justify why you made the second purchase if you were unhappy with first.

Our Policy

Sprudio does not store any personal information or credit card data on file. Sprudio does not send spam e-mails or contact you for any reason than following up on your purchase. We will send you the download link in e-mails, also tracking confirmation number when an item is shipped. Other than that we will NEVER solicit from you anything or jam your inbox with e-mails.


Mission Statement
Sprudio pledges to become and remain a positive force in its various communities, with regard to helping people  overcome  negative  behaviors, habits, addictions and personal problems. We will also offer methods of performance  enhancement and  creative skill  acquisition for those individuals who so choose to improve their lives. We promise fast  shipping and top quality  products that are  always assembled using excellent software and hardware. We will check all  products for errors and defects, and  back them up at all  times with unconditional guarantees. Additionally, Sprudio  will  serve professionals and individuals on an  equal, first-come,  first- serve basis. To summarize, we are committed to  our  customers; to quality in product and service; and  finally, to knowing our  craft and delivering in a timely manner.




Please do not send us links to website that have adult content, we will not answer to such e-mails.
Thank you

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