Stop Feeling Inferior Subliminal CD/MP3

Stop Comparing Yourself to OtherStop Comparing Yourself to Others,

Many people, for a variety of reasons, seem to go through life feeling inferior to others at every turn. They constantly look at their own experience through a negative filter of sorts. It is normal for a person to experience these feelings at times. But it can become a poor self image that is undeserved! Each of us is a unique human with our own potential and our own standards. We deserve a chance to be ourselves and be happy about the sense of self that we feel. Look at your better qualities and attributes! A person with feelings of inferiority has the opportunity to heal and recover, because inner beliefs can be influenced and changed. You can be reminded to start focusing on your positive advantages! Once you make up your mind about certain things, such as your own self image, you can be free to take on your best goals in life. Subliminal recordings like this one can help a person stop unwanted and unproductive thinking patterns and replace them with a helpful, empowering experience. Decide to stop comparing yourself to others!

Affirmations :

I am working on my positive thoughts and behavior patterns. I now focus upon my uniqueness.I am unique in my way. I am more and more happy with myself. Others see me as a confident person. I am becoming more and more confident. I can deliberately guide my thinking in a positive light. I feel better every time I play this recording. My thought patterns are changing for the better. I now believe that I can succeed. I can see a brighter future for myself. It feels great to be confident. My new thoughts are more free and I like myself more. My life and experience are unique. I can envision myself as I become more and more as I want. I am equal with everyone. I am just as good as others. I see how well it works to deliberately develop my new self image. I feel better every day. I am thinking about the new positive me. I see my good points now. It is exciting to feel equal and confident! I can clearly see my future self feeling empowered and free.

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Music Subliminal MP3

Sprudio Music

One Track Subliminal Music 29 Minutes

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Ocean Subliminal MP3

One Track Subliminal Ocean 63 Minutes

Sprudio Ocean

One Track Subliminal Ocean 63 Minutes

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Silent Subliminal MP3

Sprudio silent

One Track Subliminal Silent 64 Minutes

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What you will receive if you order CD with Music , Ocean or Silent:

Music Subliminal CD: Includes two music track 30 minutes each and one track approximately 10-12 Minutes Silent Subliminal (bonus).

Sample Music Track No. 1 -30 Minutes

This sample contains subliminal.

Sample Music Track No. 2 -30 Minutes

Ocean Subliminal CD: Includes one track Nature and Subliminal between 50-60 minutes and one track Silent Subliminal 10-12 Minutes.
Silent Subliminal CD: Includes one track Silent Subliminal 52:17 Minutes a . There is no audible sound to be heard by the conscious mind.
(This CD contains a .cda file, not an mp3 file, and is playable on any cd player.) With subliminal messages you can control your mind in an easy way that is natural and won't hurt your body. Do you need a little bit of serenity in your life? If yes, then try subliminal!


How do subliminal suggestions work?

Many studies conclude that the subconscious mind controls actions in the conscious mind. Subliminal suggestion cannot make you do something against your will. You have to be willing to follow the suggestions. These suggestions will help you do what you already want to do.

How often can I listen to one subliminal recording?

Many people find the ocean sounds helpful in obtaining a good night's sleep. It is our suggestion that you play the program repeatedly.


No dangerous pills!

No dangerous diet or diets!

No nauseating side effects!

No dangerous exercise .



Only YOU can guarantee that you will achieve the expected result. Our subliminal products will help you obtain the proper state of mind necessary to achieve your goal. You MUST take a proactive part in improving yourself. This is just one product that can help YOU decide to become the person you wish to be!

This subliminal CD or mp3 file contains audible music, soothing ocean sounds or no background (silent). In addition to the background sound, we recorded the affirmations designed to help you.

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