Become a Good Salesperson Subliminal CD/MP3

Successful Salesperson

Successful Salesperson

Whatever way you are selling; face to face or by phone, you must want to improve your selling skills. You can train, you can watch the better sales persons how they are doing and copy their systems, you can read in the internet or go to a school. But no matter what you have to train your brain to let you be that assertive person, that confident salesman. If you are discouraged by rejection, or dislike your sales position for any reason, maybe an inner tune-up is in order. Sell yourself and your product or service more effectively with the right attitude! Bring that certain energy to work with you, feel better about your job and sell more of whatever it is that you sell. Believe in yourself, see yourself closing that sale! And smile. Every rejection just means that you are closer to the next success. Be happy!

Sample Affirmations :

I like people. Everyone I meet is unique. I feel good about myself, I am relaxed and pleasant. My smile is genuine. I believe in my product. I know that I can sell more. I am on a mission to become the best seller I can be. I am encouraged every time I play this recording. I feel confident and clear. I am ready to perform. Each rejection brings me closer to success. I always look my best and I am at the top of my game. I look for and find opportunities to sell. I always remain positive. I am an extremely positive person because I create my own good fortune. I like to sell to people. I am friendly and interesting

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Music Subliminal MP3

Music Subliminal

One Track Subliminal Music 30 Minutes.

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Ocean Subliminal MP3

Ocean Subliminal

One Track Subliminal Ocean 63 Minutes

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Silent Subliminal MP3

Silent Subliminal

One Track Subliminal Silent 53 Minutes

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What is on your CD


Music Subliminal CD: Includes two music tracks and one track approximately 10-12 Minutes Silent Subliminal (bonus).

Music Track No. 1 -30 Minutes

Music Track No. 2 -30 Minutes

Ocean Subliminal CD: Includes one track Nature and Subliminal between 50-60 minutes and one track Silent Subliminal 10-12 Minutes.

Silent Subliminal CD: Includes one track Silent Subliminal 52:17 Minutes a . There is no audible sound to be heard by the conscious mind.

(This CD contains a .cda file, not an mp3 file, and is playable on any cd player.) With subliminal messages you can control your mind in an easy way that is natural and won't hurt your body. Do you need a little bit of serenity in your life? If yes, then try subliminal!
How do subliminal suggestions work?

Many studies conclude that the subconscious mind controls actions in the conscious mind. Subliminal suggestion cannot make you do something against your will. You have to be willing to follow the suggestions. These suggestions will help you do what you already want to do.

How often can I listen to one subliminal recording?

Many people find the ocean sounds helpful in obtaining a good night's sleep. It is our suggestion that you play the program repeatedly.


No dangerous pills!

No dangerous diet or diets!

No nauseating side effects!

No dangerous exercise .



Only YOU can guarantee that you will achieve the expected result. Our subliminal products will help you obtain the proper state of mind necessary to achieve your goal. You MUST take a proactive part in improving yourself. This is just one product that can help YOU decide to become the person you wish to be!

This subliminal CD or mp3 file contains audible music, soothing ocean sounds or no background (silent). In addition to the background sound, we recorded the affirmations designed to help you.

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