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Purchasing this product you accept to never use it on another person without the consent
of the listener.
Our self-help audio products are sold as educational aids only- we cannot claim any medical benefits.
Nothing in our product range is a substitute for proper health care.
Consult your doctor if you have questions regarding health issues.
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Overcome Insomnia / Get a Good Night’s Sleep Silent MP3

Overcome Insomnia / Get a Good Night’s Sleep Silent MP3

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running time arround 60 min.

Sleep is a great healer of many things. Everyone needs their share of deep, comfortable sleep. This subliminal recording can help you fall asleep and stay that way long enough to provide the best therapy known to man! Train yourself to fall asleep faster and make a new pattern that will benefit you greatly for years to come. Play this audio every night, relax, and float away. Wake up feeling rested and ready!

Audio MP3 Download - This is NOT a CD. It is a digital file that you download. Download the MP3 file to your PC or Mac.

Affirmations :

I am releasing all of the events of the day. All that exists is my breathing. I can easily relax now. I feel relieved and calm. I am becoming more and more quiet and still. It is all right to fall asleep now. All of my muscles are relaxing. My entire body is relaxed and still. Every night I fall asleep faster and faster. I am better and better at falling asleep quickly. I am renewing myself when I sleep. I sleep deeply and restfully. My mind is calm and my body is totally relaxed. I am drifting. Sleep is washing over me in a welcome feeling of total calm. I feel extremely sleepy. Sleep is overtaking my body. I welcome sleep. I feel more peaceful as I let all my muscles relax deeply. I am satisfied and fading into sleep.

Your subconscious can actually pick up and understand the content of this mp3 while other audio (like TV) is playing. The first benefit from having a silent subliminal, is that you can not get bored of listening to the same music over and over again, and no one around you knows that you are listening to subliminal. In some cases people feel embarrassed to say that they use subliminal; for example, someone who is quitting alcohol.Note: Digital audio players will not display graphics during silent tracks (the signal is on a different frequency).Please do not play loud, would be like someone scream in to your brain bypassing the ears.

IMPORTANT: The Download Links will expire after 5 downloads or 120 hours which one comes first. You will need to request additional downloads after that time period.



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