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Psychic Development CD

Psychic Development CD

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List Price: $17.99
Price: $15.99
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Product code: SC-10248

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Subliminal CD length of 60-70 minutes,

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Are you one of those people who has had a premonition or psychic event, or more? Are you curious what might happen if you developed this aspect of yourself? You are not alone. This subliminal will help you focus on the receptive part of your subconscious mind. Who knows what could develop?

CD Music 1 Track 62 minutes

Affirmations :

My psychic abilities are becoming stronger. I perceive auras. I can perceive future events. I can see past events. I interpret strange events. I can see my future. I am channeling energy from the universe. I have a healing energy gift. I can heal and be healed. I have the ability to locate objects or people. My energy field protects me like a shield. I develop psychic abilities. I improve my psychic abilities every time I play this recording. I study and learn about psychic methodologies. I am blessed with a gift of a psychic nature and I can focus psychically from within. I am improving my psychic ability every day. I sense situation and people to a deeper level.

Ocean Cd:

1 Ocean Subliminal Track 55 minutes

CD with Music: The affirmations and suggestions are "buried" in the Music and Ocean Waves Sound; all you hear is The Music and Ocean Waves. Final Track Silent, can be used anywhere. There is not sound to be heard by conscious mind.

CD with Nature Sound: The affirmations and suggestions are "buried" in the Ocean Waves Sound; all you hear is The Ocean Waves and the Nature Sound. Final Track Silent, can be used anywhere. There is not sound to be heard by conscious mind.

CD silent: One single track with subliminal and without music or Ocean Waves.

Digitally mastered using brain wave generator, modern and new technology for filtering frequencies of each channel

No Audible Words, This is not a Hypnosis CD, it is a Subliminal CD, and Words are beneath the audible perception of the conscious mind.



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