What we offer is a comprehensive, custom-built library of subliminal and hypnosis audio products - subliminal audio downloads and CD's, plus hypnosis CD's - for self improvement in many areas. Our combined experience has taught us many things about self-growth, the subconscious mind and motivation. After brainstorming for months about this, we came to the conclusion that helping people in some way or another would be the best (and last) career that we would ever need in this life. Indeed, it is turning out to be rewarding, fun and enlightening! To date, we've been published in and other websites because our material really is significant in the self-help world! We are, and will continue to be, dedicated to being the best in customer service, low cost and effectivity.

Our hypothesis (theory) that a better brand of subliminal audio was needed has turned out to be true; people love our unique music and content- it is definitely a new flavor on today's self-help market. We're proud to have produced something that so many people say that they love. And we are not stopping the development here; we took an excellent course in hypnotherapy in order to improve our audio, we research the subject daily, we take a proactive stance in customer service- and we care. I can say with confidence that our technology exceeds that of the big audio publishing houses! Rather than focusing on profits, we have taken the stance of making a positive difference for people. This is paying off not only for us, but for our customers as well. Evidence of this can be seen on our weblog. Every post on the Sprudio Blog is genuine and we can prove it if necessary.

Thank you for reading this far and giving us a chance at providing your self-help audio tools. We want as many people as possible to benefit from our work. We love music and understand its power; the subconscious appreciates music at a profound level, and we hope to use this fact to promote positive change for anyone who decides to add subliminal audio tools to their arsenal of life-improving artefacts. We believe that music opens the door to the subconscious; and for those who are not oriented musically, we offer Silent Subliminal and Ocean Wave subliminal audio products which are crafted with the same commitment to excellence as are our musical creations.

Good Luck; whatever tools you choose for improvement will probably work if you're determined, because we are all ultimately much more powerful mentally than we will ever be able to comprehend.

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