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subliminal messageSave the most precious asset "time" with our most powerful life changing subliminal CDs and subliminal MP3s. Our self Hypnosis audio are different than ordinary recordings sold on today market you will receive fast and effective results. self help products are not a magic pill for weight loss or to quit smoking. You also need to exercise your willpower and accept your desired changes at a deep level. There are many, many possible uses for self improvement audio recordings.

Our Subliminal cd's and subliminal mp3's will have a surprising effect on your life!

Our self help audio will change your life without extensive effort on your part because they work!

Give someone you love the gift of self improvement! Help them love themselves and transform by removing self-imposed barriers and negative thinking habits.

Need to change a hard-to-break habit? Try our FREE subliminal audio downloads or search through our subliminal products. Where else can you get samples of free self hypnosis audio before you buy? Our proven methods are used to create custom-tailored audio mixtures to bring you the best-engineered and most effective habit change and learning audio CDs / MP3s you can buy to break powerful habits (like smoking or overeating). Our self improvement CDs are designed to alter personality problems such as co-dependence or addictive personality, or to reinforce hypnosis products through the use of subliminal messages. We have mastered the psychology of self improvement. Whether you try the hypnosis audio or buy one of our self help recording and experience true "subliminal perception", you will benefit from the experience. Do you really want to change? Make your first step to attack 'unbreakable' habits or improve your confidence and drive your success! We stay current with all of the newest audio technologies - you'll see!

Definition of subliminal: A subliminal message is a verbal statement or image embedded in another medium (music, video, or nature sound), designed to bypass the normal limits of the human mind's perception. It is a self hypnosis product itself without the need to get into a hypnotic state.For understanding brain waves and binaural beats difference read our FAQ

Subliminal audio is not dangerous and cannot make you do things against your will, for these changes can take place only if a person wishes to accept change. For example, this is not a magic pill for weight loss or to quit smoking. You also need to exercise your willpower and accept your changes.

Our self help audio subliminal are educational, plus it promotes positive motivation for personal growth and self improvement. The affirmations used are intended to help you achieve your goals, reprogramming the subconscious mind with less effort than required with hypnosis products. Example Lose Weight Subliminal is a self Improvement audio product.

Program Your Brain With Intention!!!

You don't need to repeat positive affirmations, or even pay attention to guided meditation hypnosis; all you have to do is believe that your mind is powerful, that you are successful, etc. Subliminal messaging is the quickest and easiest method of effecting powerful and lasting personal change. Just plug'n'play - and let your subconscious mind handle the details. Our albums are considered highly effective by our customers and we're appreciative of your continued support. Please take a moment to browse the feedback and find out what our products can do for you.

Why Sprudio Self Help? What makes us the best?


healthWe publish the affirmations of each self help product after its description here on site. And our CD cases contain the printed affirmations on the back. To the untrained eye, these affirmations may seem a little simple and obvious at first; however they are crafted that way deliberately, using principles of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and experience within the discipline, in our best attempt at speaking to the subconscious mind in its own language- directness and simplicity. We avoid negative words whenever possible. Additionally, we try to keep the message short, so we don't alienate or confuse the unconscious during the recording. Too many details and the mind will smell a rat, so to speak, and become unreceptive. More experienced and custom users are sometimes able to compose larger scripts with no adverse results, But for the average client, we recommend keeping it short and sweet. Each script/message repeats over and over for the length of the recording it's contained in, in an attempt to drive home and ingrain its main points for the user. Previously held beliefs are very hard to override, even if they are badly mistaken. The subconscious prefers a known over any unknown, so play your self help audio tracks often for the best results. You are attempting to change some very stubborn thinking patterns; so be even more stubborn, to succeed!

MP3 Uncompressed

headphonesLike our CD's, our digital MP3 recordings come with a choice of three different backgrounds. You can choose Music, Ocean waves, or a totally silent background. Music : Our unique musical tracks are composed of excellent new age music that our clients love. Ocean Waves : Best choice to play while relaxing or sleeping. Caution: Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to the ocean waves. They can make you drowse. Silent : You hear nothing; but the hidden messages are really there, on an inaudible frequency. Choose this non-background to use along with TV, radio or your own recorded music. Please keep in mind that our digital recordings are not compressed very much. We need to retain the integrity of the subliminal tracks, and normal compression rates would result in a poor quality, low resolution recording. This is why we don't offer our MP3's on Amazon or I-tunes. Both .mp3 and CD versions of each title, including custom, contain about an hour of digital subliminal sound recording, so our downloadable files are very large. And you need a computer; a high quality internet connection to get the best result. After downloading, though, you can transfer the file to your tablet or phone, no problem! Then you can take your high quality self hypnosis recordings with you wherever you go.

Our Subliminal is Real

wave sound We do not sell empty tracks, as some producers have been discovered to do. Our recordings are genuine. We do not use lowered volume to mask the audio track beneath its background. We have top state of the art oscilloscope software to create the best audio products on the market. Our self help message recordings are made using positive affirmations- mostly in the present tense. Since the affirmations are recorded at the different frequency (below the hearing threshold), you will not consciously hear the spoken words- but subconsciously you will understand everything. Our self help audio targets your subconscious and allows positive changes in your thinking to take place. Skeptics may not believe in the effectiveness of our self help audio. Please visit our REVIEWS which are all genuine, to see what people say about the effectiveness of our self hypnosis recordings! For music-background we use alpha waves, which are known to cause the alert but relaxed, suggestible mental state. Ocean waves are recorded with delta waves, which are associated with the relaxed state or a dream state; for this we do not recommend using recordings with ocean waves backgrounds while driving or operating machinery. We also provide many free samples of real subliminal audio here on the site.

Free Subliminal Winning Lottery- Winning Personality

Custom Subliminal- Personalized Subliminal-Make Your Own CD $39.99-MP3 $29.99/$21.99

You can create your own subliminal custom CD or digital .mp3 recording, tailored for your own needs; and we can help you compose your script, if necessary. What are you waiting? Create subliminal custom now.

Free Subliminal!

No one else offers so many free subliminal hypnosis samples to try before buying. There is no membership required, you can download each track anonymously. And best of all is FREE!!!

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