Just at a time when most smokers are smoking more, it might be the best time to quit, ever. Instead of funding the things you did not create, or necessarily agree with, say NO to the extravagant taxes you are being bilked out of! Plus, the temptation to eat more or go shopping could be very powerful these days. We have a tendency to indulge in our more unproductive habits when stress levels rise, but these are the very things that we should avoid. Each of us would do well to become more disciplined, in control and autonomous (not a slave to our habits); with a little focused effort, we can learn to relax and find our center. A great goal might be to reject external pressures and stress, instead realizing that there is just too much chaos (that we cannot control) in the world. Some people are naturally able to do this- and they are probably healthier and happier than those of us who are more easily frustrated. Stress can cause a chain reaction in your body that is not conducive to success; for example, high blood pressure is supposedly at an all time high, so to speak. Ulcers, heart disease, immune system deficiencies and many more disorders can arise from stress. When the body is relaxed, and you are happier, it can and does deal with cholesterol and other enemies of your health and well-being that have become so prevalent in today’s unfortunate mix of dysfunction.

So when you decide, and this is a common theme here, to take back your life and get on a positive track toward success, consider doing it yourself. Use inexpensive tools that are available and effective! In many cases, deciding at a deep level is sufficient. Just say yes to being the boss. However, changing is very difficult and can be frustrating in itself. Smoking in particular is super hard to quit. The high failure rate is due to the fact that we really don’t want to stop, not subconsciously. The subconscious mind is used to the nicotine rush and it will fight fiercely and cleverly to keep its status quo! The same principle is at work with eating habits as well. Without changing your subconscious belief system, changing will only work for a little while. But you can do it; in fact, you are the only one who can ultimately succeed, even with professional help. Pros are using the powers of the human body and mind to accomplish (and take credit for) their feats of healing.

Finally, use the power of audio and/or music to accomplish the deep-rooted change mindset; remember, your unconscious, or inner self, is always listening. It uses tricks on you, as anyone who has ever tried to quit a strong habit can bear witness, so it only seems fair that you should be able to trick it right back! Visualizing the desired condition, repeatedly, will eventually make it so. This is a great time and opportunity to invest an effort into yourself and your future, “for a change.”

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